Sunday, April 10, 2011

Learning to ride a bike.

Friday we got the boys and we all laid down for a nap. I of course just cannot sleep during a nap most of the time and that was one of those days. I was laying there and had the genius idea that after naps we were going to teach Nathan how to ride his bike. It was so nice and sunny out, I wanted out of the house and 8 year old should be riding a bike without training wheels.

I was so excited I couldn't wait for them to wake up so we could get going. I mentioned it to Jake as soon as he woke up! He had no idea where I had come up with the idea lol

The boys get no attention from there "mom" what so ever. Nathan lacks confidence regarding a lot of stuff because she never pays any attention or gives any encouragement. I wanted to take that away for the weekend he was with us.

Off to grandma's we went. Jake got the training wheels off and I gave him a few pointers. I tried to help but with my big belly it was hard to try to help. Grandma took over but Nathan just wasn't feeling it from the beginning. He lacked the confidence and the courage. He was ready to cry at one point and just kept turning himself into the grass so we let it go for the day. Jake told him that as soon as he learns to ride his bike that we'll go get him a bigger one that he wants. 

The next day we went back over to Grandma's. I had decided that Nathan needs to KNOW someone cares. You can tell anyone you love them and that you care for them but its when you SHOW it that they know. We do this already but with the crap Nathan is going through he needs the extra attention. I told Jake that he needed to be there with Nathan and help him. It would mean so much more to have his dad there next to him and giving him the encouragement. Someday Nathan will look back and remember that his dad taught him how to ride a bike. It'll be one of those memories you never let go of. Shoot, I remember the first time I learned to ride my bike. The feeling of accomplishing such a task was HUGE.

Jake gave a few tips and told him that he'd let go when Nathan had it. Seriously? 10 minutes if that. The kid had it DOWN! I was SOOO proud. I was standing there trying to jump but with this belly? All I could do was bounce on my feet and keep woohoo'ing and clapping my hands and looking like a complete crazy pregnant woman. I wanted him to feel like the proudest little boy and man....he was. When he came back down that sidewalk by himself he was all grins. Grins that I have never seen on his face before and his cheeks were all pink and glowing. He was so damn proud of himself. I was almost in tears watching him rolling away by himself and he had the confidence to keep going even when he realized that Jake had let go. He rode up and down that sidewalk growing more and more confident of himself. At one point we all laughed because he stuck his legs out the side, no pedals!

Jake looked so proud I wanted to kiss his face off. All I could say was "well, ya taught your kid to ride a bike!"

Looks like a weekend or two from now we'll be out bringing home a new bike for the master :)

Next on the list? Teaching him to tie his shoes.

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  1. This is so awesome and I can totally picture you there with that belly! Love it!