Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Haskins Family Tragedy

This week a friend and her family lost their home to a fire. This was a family who took me in when I really needed it. They opened their arms, hearts and their door to me. They have endured SO much that it is impossible to find a place to start.

Leigh Ann is a stay at home mama to 4 amazing kids. She started her own company Bows Clothes N Throws and was just getting started. Her work is amazing and my little niece owns some of her stuff. However all of this was lost in the fire.

Her husband Michael is in the Navy. Even when I was staying with them he was gone for days at a time recruiting and doing what needs to be done to care for his family.

Despite this tragedy Leigh Ann has stood strong for her family. She has 4 kids who need her strength as they have lost everything. Memories, shelter, clothes, toys, literally everything.

The Salvation Army has put them into a hotel but they are still without any belongings.

A blog page was started for them Haskins Family Emergency Fund with information detailing what they need.

I have prayed and prayed for them. Unfortunately right before we moved we got rid of all the boys' clothes that were too small so I have nothing to send. All I can do is spread the word and hope that if you have any unused toys, gently used clothes or anything that could be of help that you could pass it on.

They will be so grateful for any help small or great. If you yourselves cannot help in anyway, please just link to this post and maybe your friends or followers can help in some way.

Also one of her long time friends is a Scentsy Consultant and is going to donate 10% of all the sales throughout the month of April to the Haskins family. I myself LOVE scentsy and was so excited to see this. If you love scentsy please try to order from Arica, even if it's only a $5.00 product. Any sale is going to make a difference in their future!

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