Saturday, April 9, 2011


Last night I was convinced that Emery is not a baby and is instead a unicorn. A unicorn who was trying to use my ribs as a diving board and force himself and the horn out with no success. I didn't even have contractions yesterday, just a stabbing pain in my pelvis every 10 minutes or less. Maybe he dropped really low finally and was grinding his head around? I don't know but I couldn't get in a single position that eased the discomfort. I tried to get on my hands and knees and put my head down to drop him down a bit but this HUGE belly kept pressing against my legs and I got nowhere. Thankfully once I went to bed I slept through it if it kept happening or I just didn't feel it.


We laid down today for a nap and I had just fallen asleep when the boys were up. Nathan didn't sleep a wink, he just got bored of being in there and woke Ethan up. He tried to say he hadn't but Ethan said brother had woken him up. He's at the age where he can really tell us what happened and Nathan gets caught lying. Last weekend he did the same thing and was a complete turd the whole day because he hadn't slept. We had to ride his butt alllll day about not listening and I'm not in the mood to deal with that today so I told him to go back to bed until he took a nap. It amazes me how stupid kids think we are. We were once kids, we know ALL the charades. So now I'm sitting here blogging while he naps and daddy tries to rest up since he was up early not feeling well. Ethan and I are watching Mouse Detector. His way of saying The Great Mouse Detective.

Fingers crossed for Emery coming today. Tomorrow is his actual due date. If we make it to tomorrow then mommy was right in saying he wouldn't come early. I knew I should have put money on that bet with Jake ;)

p.s. got the maternity photos. There are 44 so I'll just post a few of my favorites :)

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  1. Mouse Detector is cute.

    I love when kids think we're stupid.

    Good luck with your unicorn. That sounds sucky, but kind of exciting all at once. At least you know *something* is happening down there!