Tuesday, April 12, 2011

and we wait some more...OB Appt 40W1D

Emery's heart rate was 140. 

I had to get checked and of course again it felt like she was reaching for my brain through my vagina and I was trying to crawl out of my skin again. Still only dilated 3-4. 90% effaced and still -2 station. She said she thinks sometime this week but we made a 41 week appt just in case along with a bio-physical ultrasound. She just wants to make sure that everything will be ok for him and he can continue to thrive in there for the rest of that week. She asked if I'd be up for having my membranes stripped if I didn't have him before then and I said yes. She said that if that didn't work and I got to 42 weeks that I would then have to see an OB. I REALLY like Shelley and I want to deliver with a midwife not an OB. I want things MY way but Emery isn't ready to cooperate yet. Someday I'll have the little bugger in check :P

After being checked we had no progress for the day. We even went and ate chinese and I hoped the spice would help. Instead for the rest of the night I was popping Tums left and right.

Jake went to work and I napped in bed. I was soooo tired and out of it until 7:30pm and I felt better after a shower and laying around reading blogs. Shortly after that the contractions started. I went to bed at who knows what time. 9:30 or 10? Jake crawled into bed around midnight and I was still having them. In fact they were every 5 minutes. He of course....dead to the world snoring. They finally dropped to 7-8 minutes, 10-12 minutes and then every 20 minutes. I finally was able to doze in between them when they were 10 minutes apart. When they hit they hit hard. I almost was convinced that was it, especially after a trip to the potty and realized I had lost the uterine seal for good. Was blood tinged and not just clear mucous. I laid there almost thinking that was it and what if I hadn't realized soon enough to get to the hospital and I'm giving birth in my bathroom while Jake is passed out from the gore. How would I know how and where to tie off the umbilical cord? What did I have lying around to use to tie it off? Cut a hair tie in half or steal a lace from Jake's brand new DC's? I haven't sanitized the booger sniffer so what if I had to use it to clean out his nose and mouth and it wasn't disinfected? What am I gonna use to cut the cord when our scissors are little kid ones and I'd be appalled to use a kitchen knife. Would the ambulance come in time to do all this?! I was so exhausted and finally around 5:30am they died off and I was able to sleep until 8:20.

I've laid around and had maybe 8 contractions today. I'm going to be upset if I lose sleep again. Shelley offered me a prescription for Ambien to get some sleep because she wants to make sure that when labor does happen that I'm rested instead of exhausted from days of pre labor. I turned her down but after last night I called to see if they would call one in. It'll be nice to have JUST IN CASE.

I'm laying around going insane today so I messaged Jake's mom to see if she had any yard work she needs done. Thankfully she has some bulbs that she needs planted so I'm going to go over there and help. Get some fresh air and maybe get things moving. I was contemplating a walk but then realized I'd get a quarter mile from home and then labor would hit and I'd be stranded and unable to get back home.

So off to mom's we go and hope that this sets things off...I can't handle much more sitting around!

**after note. My car won't start. I'm guessing dead battery so now I can't take dinner to Jake, can't pick up my prescription if they call it in today and can't help his mom. GRRRR! Guess I'll be breaking out the salsa dancing DVD.


  1. Some one needs a mighty jump!

    So sorry about the car, and the uncooperative baby. Everyone has told me that the "bad" kids make the "best" adults, so I keep holding out for that myself!

    I wish I had some advice to give, but going for a quick pee break did the trick for me! My Dr. blamed me going into labor on the cherry snowball I had the night before. Try a snowball, if it doesn't help at least it tasted good and didn't require a bottle of tums!

  2. la la la la .. we always get one just like us.
    emery... me the boss!! lol

    Love {your} mom