Thursday, April 28, 2011

2 Weeks

My little Emery,

Today you are two weeks old. You're getting bigger and bigger everyday. Your little cheeks are getting so chubby and daddy and I can't help but smooch on you. Even Ethan likes to come up and kiss your head and pat your back oh so gently. He surprises me with his gentle ways for only being 3 in a couple days. Your brother Nathan loves to lay next to you and talk to you. Your big brothers are pretty taken with you as well.

You are a noisy little sleeper. You are constantly sighing, grunting, groaning, moaning, squeaking, whimpering and making the funniest faces when you do so. I laugh every time you poop because you push so hard and make the silliest noises.

You like to smile a lot. You are such a happy and content baby. You only fuss when you need changed, sometimes when you're being changed and if you get realllllly hungry and I can't get my boob out quick enough. 

You can already roll yourself onto your side. I'm sure that in a couple weeks you'll probably be able to roll yourself completely over. You hold your head up so well. I only have to really support it when I pick you up from a laying position.You even talk. Daddy said one morning that you were talking and I wasn't quite sure it was possible. When I got up and came into the living room you really were talking. Not your usual little noises but baby babble. I was pretty shocked. 

Everyday I look at you and your big blue eyes and I cannot believe you are mine. It seems so unreal that I made you and grew you inside my belly. I love you so much that it's crazy. I wish I could keep you this small and little forever because you're so cuddly and sweet. You love to stare around at everything. You just sit and take it all in. Your daddy is so smitten with you too. He likes to pick on you about your noises and the fact that your big toe sticks way out to the side when you spread your toes wide. Today he said you sounded like a creaky door when we were pushing you in the shopping cart. He loves cuddling with you though. You like to sprawl out on his chest where as you curl your little legs up under you on my chest because of my short torso. He also is a professional burper. I can burp you just fine but it seems like he just pulls them out of you more quickly.

We let you sleep with us until Wednesday because of your little stint in the NICU and then your projectile vomiting from formula. I didn't want you anywhere but next to us so I could hear your breathing, keep my hand on your tummy and make sure that if you were to throw up you wouldn't choke on it. However this was a bad idea because now you won't sleep in your bassinet or your crib. You immediately wake up and fuss when we put you down in it. I couldn't tell if it is because the room is too quiet and you're used to the loud living room or if its too hard or cold. Daddy and I decided we wanted our bed back and I really miss snuggling with daddy so it was time to make the move. So I put a little blanket it under the bassinet pad and wrapped another little one around it & tucked it in tight. Now it's warm & not hard as a brick. Then I hung my headphones on the edge & turned on my playlist of nature sounds. So you get to listen to the rain forest, flowing rivers and the ocean. You slept all night except for your feedings about every two hours. It was so nice to be able to sprawl out in bed again.

I think that's all for now. I love you so very much.


  1. This is very very sweet.

    Good for you for getting him to sleep on his own again. That can be hard! You're doing great!

  2. This is very very sweet.

    Good for you for getting him to sleep on his own again. That can be hard! You're doing great!