Friday, March 25, 2011

Testing results, or lack of.

The doctor feels as if he meets the criteria but since he isn't 2 years behind in development they are very cautious to prescribe anything. WHO WAITS THAT LONG FOR THEIR CHILD TO FALL BEHIND?!  We appreciate that the doctor is cautious as many doctors just diagnose and cover up a problem that may not even be there. The way he put it was "taking Tylenol to mask a fever, when we don't know what caused the fever." We agreed that we do not want him medicated unless it is very necessary. We were referred to 3 psychologists who are going to do further testing to see if it is just a certain subject he has problems with, if it is something deeper such as stress from an unstable home at his moms or something else. We also will let his regular psychologist know so that she can start looking for different things. So we'll be making appointments to have it looked into it. 

Also we will be able to discuss our options as to which will be the best match for him depending on the outcome. I know that a lot of kids with ADHD if its not a severe case only use medication on school days, not weekends or summer breaks. He doesn't act out aggressively or anything, its merely he is unable to focus at school, is disruptive at school and even at home needs constant reminders. If it is something he has we are willing to do whatever it takes to work with him on overcoming this challenge and learning to control it so that no medication is necessary. Hopefully if we get custody he won't need it at all since he should have very little stress and a very loving home where they get attention and don't have to act for it, where they have guidelines and proper discipline rather than screaming and yelling like he deals with at her home. 

The doctor was very clear on how important a good nights rest is which I believe to be one of the biggest reasons since he sleeps on a couch and doesn't get good rest. Plus this morning he said he was up at 6am watching TV because his brother woke him up. If he wasn't in a living room with a TV he probably would have went back to sleep.

I hate this waiting game. I just want them with us where they are fed nutritious meals and get the necessary 10-12 hours of sleep and love, affection and the chance to enjoy their childhood. I am so furious that we just have to sit back and watch as she causes more issues in these boys.


  1. Sorry if this is a repeat BUT have you heard of Sensory Processing Disorder, specifically the "Sensory Seeker"? This is what my son has. He is high energy, likes to bounce, be upside down, and crash into things. He is extremely distractable and sitting in class can be very difficult. He now wears a weighted vest during circle time and snack time and it helps a lot! He also sees an OT. Some people might think he is ADHD when they meet him, but he's not. It's that he is constantly seeking sensory input to organize himself. Let me know if you would like more info:)

    Good Luck!

  2. This sounds totally childish, but I just want to punch her in the face. Stand up and be a good mom, take care of your kids. Notice your kids. Is there a reason he sleeps on the couch? Who lets their kids sleep on a couch? Here the law states that each child has to have a room and a bed, and that the sexes have to be separated. That is the law.

    I'm really hoping for his sake that he just needs stability. Have you noticed what he does respond to? Things that keep his attention? Will he work toward specific goals? I'm glad the Dr didn't write a prescription and send you on your way. It's all to easy to cover things up and not address the issues.

  3. He is amazing at math and science, he loves it and excels at it. But even that is starting to take a hit.

    We noticed a lot of this started up when she started going back to school. She is now absorbed in Facebook games and her homework that they get NO attention from her what so ever.

    We believe he does have ADHD. Mild case but he has it and he needs structure to overcome it without being medicated. But she can't take the time away from her games to give him any guidance or structure to help him focus on what needs to be done and have good behavior at school. I guess he's been getting pink slips at school for bad behavior and she doesn't even tell us!

    There is absolutely no reason he sleeps on the couch. Supposedly he has a bed but now her Uncle sleeps on it. I think its because of the bedwetting. He's already ruined the couch so he can continue to do so, if she puts in him the bed then she'll be washing sheets everyday like we do and she can't do that either. She is the epitome of LAZY. It's sickening.

  4. least someone's trying to get answers BEFORE's so important.

    i cannot even fathom how frustrated you must be on a daily basis...