Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Surprise numero dos

I am pregnant!

Psych, we already knew that. I'm sick. Again.

I'm so over this. Took me 3 weeks to get over the shit and just as I'm getting better the boys get something. Of course "mom of the year" doesn't take them to the doctor because it's "just a cough and a sniffle" even though there is a neon snot coming from Ethan's nose, he can't talk suddenly, just whine. He's no longer independent and wanting to do everything himself, only daddy can do it and if Kayla tries to help he yells at me.

Nathan has a cough from hell and his face is flushed 24/7 andddd over the counter medicine hasn't helped for a week.

Add in the fact that Nathan usually eats his weight in food and asks for 3rds and 4ths and now barely eats one serving and Ethan doesn't want to eat whatsoever. We're lucky if we get 4 bites in him. Then again if she actually knew what her kids ate and when she'd know just how sick they are...but...

Oh ya know, it's no big deal to let your children run around like this infecting everyone and for the 5th time we'll take them to the doctor and we'll be told they need antibiotics...for that minor cough and sniffle. &^%#$*&@#$&*%$#F (that's me cursing under my breath) I'll end there before I get myself so worked up I can't see straight and then tonight i'll be dreaming of cliffs and shotguns.

I have literally lysol'ed everything! Door knobs, countertops, bathroom sinks, bunk bed rails, light switches, toys etc etc etc etc etc and yet I still get it.

Where does one buy bubbles because I'm putting myself in one and Emery as soon as he gets here. I don't want to vaccinate him until he's older but with all the shit they catch from her nasty house it's gonna do more harm than good.

Of course I won't even waste my time going to the doctor because they'll tell me its viral and I have to wait it out. I won't even have the strength to push this baby out because I guarantee I'll still be sick 6 weeks from now.


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  1. Ugh...I hate the sick. Enjoy your bubble if you find it!