Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Ready, Set, Go!

Starting at 8am I had really intense cramps when I got to work. Like bad menstrual cramps in the front and back. Wasn't round ligament pain because mine was sharp pains when I had that a couple times.

I wait till 10 and called the doctor and she told me to time any contractions. I never know when I have them unless I happen to touch my belly and feel it hard. So of course the two times I did it was hard for about 2 or 3 minutes but didn't hurt.

The nurse decided to have me come in and get checked just in case because I'm not quite 36 weeks.

I don't have a bladder infection so Bev had me wait for Sara to see what she wanted to do next.

We discussed the feeling and she decided to check me. OMG it hurt. She even commented on how much he was moving, I was like I know, it never stops. If their activity in the womb has anything to say about how they'll be as a kid I'm in for a realllllly active little man. Sports here we come!

So the results? I'm dilated to a 1 and had a tiny bit of blood. This isn't a huge number to me because you can stay at a one for weeks! She checked my measurements and with some other person and they decided I was fine. He said no restrictions, whoever this man was. She told me to rest anyway whenever I can.

He better not come out way early or Jake wins the bet. My family always goes late with babies so I bet that I would too. My sister is a traitor and thinking they messed up my due date so she's siding with Jake.

The doctor said to just watch, so I said 'alright I'll just roll with it." Her and the nurses thought that was the best line. Guess we'll see in a couple weeks how it plays out.

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