Friday, March 4, 2011

Pop Quiz!

Let's take a pop quiz!

You have an almost 3 year old. A tall 2 months shy of 3 year old boy. What size socks should this boy be wearing? What size shirt should he be wearing?

I'm sure most of your answers are very close. The person who dressed him today put him in threadbare 6-12 month socks & 12-18 month shirt. Let's just say they failed this test & every other parenting one that they're dealt. I'm SO angry. April is too far away! I'm so angry I cannot sleep. All I think about is documentation, phone calls, court papers etc etc. 
So much for cuddling up with Jake and taking a nap, my brain won't shut off. Guess I'll take a hot bath until my doctors appointment this afternoon. I better get antibiotics!


  1. That's really a horrible situation. My girls are small for their age but damn! It makes you wonder how much people really care about their kids, and if when they're gone they'll even miss them.

    Hope you have a great appointment and get to feeling better soon! Time is really flying now!!

  2. ugh...that freaking sucks.

    although, i put my 2.5 year old daughter in 9-18 month tights yesterday...the thing is, they fit.

    hang in there.

  3. Well you said Haley is little for her age and I'm sure it's not an everyday thing. Shoot even I stuff myself into things that don't fit.

    Just breaks my heart that for the past year he's been wearing those socks. She gets all this child support and none of it goes to support her children.

    Just makes me want to scream!