Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Extreme Makeover: Home Edition

Never fails to make me cry. They "move that bus!" and I'm immediately in tears!

I don't know why I torture myself watching it because I always am stuffy and get a headache from the crying but I can't not change the channel.

It's the one show on TV that isn't garbage. That is about people putting others before themselves and helping people when they need it the most. I can't handle watching all the crap shows on TV like Jersey Shore and whatever other stupid stuff is on. 

People have no idea the real meaning of happiness. I mean I guess to some people getting shitfaced every night and making out with random people at the bar could be their happiness, but I'd rather watch other people be happy. Nothing is more satisfying to Jake and I than watching the boys be happy and have. I don't think I ever grew up because I get more excited than they do about the zoo and aquarium. I love getting excited and showing them new things and teaching them, telling them stories.

I can't even wait till Emery gets here and we get to take him to do all that fun stuff, to see him laugh and means so much more to give to others in even the simplest way than to live some selfish lifestyle.


  1. i just talked with Husband about when we can get the crazies involved in community service. i have a friend who has 3 beautiful children (middle school and high school aged now) and every week, her family volunteers with the special olympics just to remind them of how good they have it. i love it...

  2. I think that's awesome! There are so many people out there who need help and no one to see that. The simplest things can make such a huge impact on someone's life.