Sunday, February 27, 2011


No, no baby.

My sister came into town and I had some shopping to do. A gift card to Babies R Us that Jake was bugging me to hurry and use and the little things I still needed such as baby bath time stuff, onesies and socks.

Our plan was to go to breakfast and go shopping for a few hours. I wanted a jump start on shopping so we went to Babies R Us first and then to breakfast.

My sister and I went to Frank's Diner because they have the best breakfast ever. We're finishing up our breakfast and figuring out where to go next when Jake texts me. He told me that he needed my keys before 12:15 because the apartment complex needed to look at our water heater. I immediately said "oh geez what's wrong with the water heater." He said something about how it was just an annual inspection they have to do every year.

Of course I'm thinking "great!" We just moved in and when Jake said they'd need access to the water heater and didn't want stuff packed around it. I told him they shouldn't need access for awhile and to just put our extra dining room chairs in front of it, no big deal. Now he has to move our cars and rearrange the garage.

I am thinking of how that interrupts our shopping and it's 11:15 so I'm trying to hurry my sister into paying for her half so that I can run home quick to drop them off. She's taking FOREVER! She's texting my mom and telling me about my poor dog getting sick last night and blah blah blah. She said she needs to use the restroom and feed Hadley. I was like well shoot, people wait for these booths because it's an old train car and not many seats. I explained that someone would be waiting for our booth so we should just run home quick since its 5 minutes away and we can both potty and she can feed Hadley. She told me Hadley is gonna be mad going back into her seat hungry and scream the whole way back. I said it'll be ok, it's 5 minutes and I won't go insane. She resigns the discussion and says ok. Then Hadley goes into the seat and she starts getting fussy. I of course feel bad and say ok we'll feed her quick. I grab her stuff and we head out to the car and Kass feeds her there. Kassie says we need to get gas quick and I'm like "we can get it at Safeway, it's right down the road from us and we can go there after we drop the keys off before shopping. "Ok." She puts Hadley back in her seat and is walking around the car and stops by her door to text. She didn't even get in the car to send the text while I'm driving! I'm like "KASSIE!" She finally gets in the car and I tease her about being a horrible space case with a one track mind and no more texting skills.

We get home and I tell her to just wait in the car and I'll run the keys up and go pee quick. She's like "no I need to pee too." So we bail outta the car and hike up the stairs, I open the front door and step in and hear "SURPRISE!" I'm stunned, shocked! I think I literally stood there for a minute just in shock and heating the outdoors. Then I almost started crying and had to collect myself. I barely remember who I saw and then I looked around wondering what was going on and see 4 or 5 diaper cakes on our counter and goodies everywhere! (I'll upload pics when someone gets them to me, I'm sure I have shocked expression and my jaws on the floor.) I didn't even put makeup on thinking it was just my sister and a quick shopping trip so I'm going to look like hell. Of course Jake is way too nice and never tells me I look like shit and to put some one.

I couldn't believe Jake pulled this off! Usually I ask so many questions and like details. I have to know everything. Usually he starts getting annoyed at all my questions so the past couple months I've just learned to not ask so many and try to roll with things. This of course made it all the easier for his tricky self.

He had Facebook'ed my friends to see what dates and had his sister-in-law Vanessa plan and do the hosting. Just a couple weeks ago she asked for a 2nd time if I was having a baby shower and I said no because my family is all out of town and my friends have mostly moved away or don't have babies. I told her I was just wanting a book from everyone with a note for Emery in it to start him a little bookshelf. She must have been fishing to see if I'd had any ideas about it.

Everyone got me everything I had needed plus more. The only thing I need are socks now. Its a good thing we went to breakfast first otherwise I would have bought all the bath time stuff and the little extras. I now have enough baby bath stuff to last until he's 8.

Vanessa did such an amazing job. She provided EVERYTHING! She made the coolest decorations. She made cheesecake bites, cupcakes, marshmallows dipped in chocolate with sprinkles, she had fresh fruit and it was soooo good for this time of the year, a fondue set for the strawberries, caramel popcorn, sundae type things with cherries, hot fudge, bananas and nilla wafers. She had games planned and goody bags, just EVERYTHING. She went above and beyond.

I want to cry just thinking about it. I've never had a surprise in my life and had accepted that I wouldn't have a baby shower and Jake pulled it off. I can't even believe it. Only one of my friend's was able to make it which meant a lot because she's always the busy one but made time. He invited a bunch but they had to work and such and my friend/coworker Cassie I guess got lost. It still meant so much that his family had come and totally spoiled us. I'm so thankful for all them, especially Jake. He is the best.

It was funny for me to piece it all together. I was in shock for most of the shower just trying to put it all together and how I hadn't caught on. I guess my sister had been reeling for help because I was trying to rush back and she was trying to get me sidetracked. Hence her need to for slow talking, texting, needing to feed the baby etc etc. She couldn't figure out how to get me back to the house before all that, so that's when Jake had his idea of the water heater. Even the night before she said she'd come get me at 9:30 to go shopping and I looked at Jake and said she was so crazy and that I wanted to sleep in. I guess she had snuck in while he was helping Ethan wash his hands and ask when to get me outta the house. The weather had even gotten bad before Kassie was going to come to town and I was getting bummed she may not come. I guess Jake had been in a panic because it had been planned around her visit.

I had even noticed a car like his sisters parked up at the top of the road and thought it looked like Jess' car but it was plowed around and she hadn't made any plans with us. Good thing I hadn't noticed Heather's car.

I still just can't even believe. I'm now overwhelmed with baby stuff to wash and organize and put away. I had 4 diaper cakes that I had to take apart and sort diapers. I'm feeling so prepared now and so very very thankful.

Thank you to everyone who kept it a surprise and came, it means so much! I'll try to get pics up as I get them. The diaper cakes were a hit!


  1. Love it! So amazing, I can't wait to see pictures!

  2. That is so awesome...I love surprises...true surprises!