Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Some Inspiration.

I was reading a blog and this pic was on there and it gave me a little inspiration. 

Once I get my camera and Emery is born I want some little frames like that in the color theme of his room and I want to take the pictures that go in them. I want the boys to draw him a picture that can go in one and add a super personal touch.

I was telling Jake the other day after our hypnobirthing class that I'd like to get the boys each a disposable camera so that the day we bring Emery home they can take their own pictures of him, the way they see things. They may not all turn out but it'll be fun for them to take part in it. We can get them developed and they can each have their own little photo album of them and their new little brother. Who knows, sometimes kids capture the greatest pictures and I could steal it to put in one of those frames.

I just had to share so that I can look back over my blog and remember. I hate having a great idea and then I go to sleep and forget!

Also the blog I got the picture from is Enjoying the Small Things I found her blog from somewhere and it was about the birth of her littlest girl and I cried and cried and cried. She's such a wonderful writer and photographer and I'm always finding inspiration there. Definitely worth jumping over there and taking a peak.

The link to the heart wrenching post is here. Go have a good cry and remember how precious a life is even if they aren't perfect in the eyes of the world.

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  1. Ohhhh! Thank you so much for sharing "Enjoying the small things". I bawled reading the post. I've just had a rough night with Rina and I needed to be reminded that we, women, are strong in the worst of events and we manage to see the good in every situation. So I will take comfort in the fact that Rina is healthy and thanks again for sharing. I needed that.