Thursday, February 10, 2011

Iron Fail ...again...

Last night I had some soup for dinner and took my 4 iron pills and headed off to the tub. I was in there 10 minutes, if that, before I was crawling out to throw it all up. The nausea was worse than my morning sickness, I seriously texted Jake bawling because I felt sooo awful and was certain that something just isn't right with me. Yesterday was an all around horribly day for this mama. One of the top 5 I've had.

I couldn't get back in the tub so I just crawled into bed and was dozing off texting Jake. I slept for about 4 hours and he got home at 11:45, I don't know when he crawled into bed but I got up then to go potty and was still sooo nauseous. I slept for a few more hours and then just woke up sick as could be with a really bad headache. I couldn't go back to sleep so I laid there for 3 hours trying not to be sick again. Decided I wasn't going to be going to work because I need to rest. Ended up dozing off and slept fitfully because I kept checking my phone for the time so I could call into work, even though I had set an alarm. I slept until about 7:30 and got up with Jake and watched an episode of Celebrity Rehab and Teen Mom 2. 

Had a couple hash browns for breakfast and ran to Lowe's. I was determined to finish Emery's dresser while I was home and while we still have a garage since we move Saturday. Got the paint, the paintbrush and the drawer pulls then got some other stuff we needed and I set in on the dresser as soon as we got home. I got it all sanded down as best as I could. Word to the wise, never use latex paint on wood if you're going to be sanding it off later down the road. It gets hot as you're sanding and remelts in clumps so it was a bitch to get it off. I went through 4 different things of sandpaper. I then got the first coat of brown on and it looks so much better already. The drawer pulls unfortunately won't fit so I have to pick out some new ones.

We went to lunch and when we got home I decided I HAD to try to take more iron because my body so desperately needs it. I decided to start slow so I only took 2 with a glass of orange juice. Didn't throw it up, thankkkkkk goodnesssss! If I have to take 2 with each meal then that's what I'll do because I cannot handle the exhaustion I've been having but at the same time, I can't throw up every single time I take it. I lose my food that way, end up dehydrated and I always blow all the blood vessels around my eyes and mouth so it looks like Jake beat me or something. Nope, just fell down the pregnancy tree and hit my face on the barf branch.

Laid down and took a nice long 2 1/2 hour nap. I could have slept longer but I know I need to pack up the bathroom. My back is so stiff from bending over and sanding the dresser down and then re-painting it. 

Our pack and play showed up at Jake's parents so I have to go pick that up tonight. Then I'm going to pack the bathroom and take a nice long hot epsom salt bath and read a book since I missed out on mine last night. Might eat a couple pieces of toast and take my other 2 iron before bed. Wish I had some of Mandy's homemade bread ;)

We sign the paper's tomorrow at 11. Jake does anyway since I'll be working. He's gotta get 2 packs of beer in the fridge for all the people helping on Saturday. Saturday I'm taking the boys to Nathan's school. They're having a Valentine's breakfast party so its endless pancakes. I'll take my camera and hopefully get to really use it since I haven't yet and get some good pics. Jake and his ton of friends are moving everything while we're gone. I won't have to do the moving for once, so nice considering this will be the 4th time I've moved within a year. (From my studio to a one bedroom that Jake helped me move like a week or two after we met, then I was never there because I was always with him and the boys so then we moved me into his house and now to our new home)((rad run on sentence)) I'm over it! And the boys will be out of the way. We'll get back and have pizza if the guys haven't eaten it all and then we get to unpack. Jake is so excited, I don't think I've ever seem him this excited before. He's so ready to be out of this house after the shitty 7 years he's spent here. I think I'll be excited once we get settled in there. I'm too tired and stressed to be excited. But he's cute about it, I just wanna kiss his face off sometimes.

That's that for now. I need to go get the pack and play, pack the bathroom and take my bath. I'll be taking the iron after my bath so I get to enjoy the hot water. Wish us luck!


  1. If I could get it to you before it became I brick I would gladly send some over! That whole cross country thing is a bitch for freshness.

    I'm glad you took the day and rested up. You should have left the dresser for another day though...

  2. I didn't have another day for the dresser lol. At the new place I'd have nowhere to paint it. I feel so much better know that it's almost done. One big thing outta the way and hopefully I'll be able to relax a bit now. It's all just little stuff and I have plenty of time to gather as needed.

  3. you poor thing...this sucks big time. is there anything else you can do?