Tuesday, February 22, 2011

All moved in and lots of other random stuff.

-Last Saturday was crazy busy. Jake was up at about 6am so anxious for the day and finishing up last minute packing. I got the boys ready and we went to Nathan's school for his Valentines pancake party and we ate lotsa pancakes. Then back to the house and he wanted to help move too so was given a job and was a great helper.

-We got everything in the house and I immediately started in on the bathrooms since those were the boxes I could find and it was a disaster. I wanted at least something finished. By the end of the night we had most of the stuff put away except our room is still soooo full of boxes. We can't touch much of it until we get a bookshelf since I have so many books. We also are trying to find a nice dresser that we like.

-I got Emery's dresser finished. Found new drawer pulls and got those on and his room is mostly set up. Just little things to do and gather.

-My sister is going to be here this weekend and we have a ton of shopping to do for last minute things and for backdrops and items to do my nieces photos.

-My coughing wasn't getting any better and one morning I coughed crap out of my lungs. I made a doctors appointment and was told that it was an upper respiratory infection and viral. There was no medicine he could get me except for a nasal spray to help with all the fluid in my head and ears so that it may drain less and not irritate my throat any further. He said the only problem was finding one safe for pregnancy. He found ONE. That ONE was not covered by my insurance. I told him I could pay out of pocket. He told me that it was $180.00. ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME?! Less than half an ounce of liquid and it costs $180.00. For that price it better shrink my nose, take the swelling from my feet and make me feel 110% better in an hour. Obviously I couldn't afford that. I got to the front doors of the doctors office and started bawling on my way to the car and on the drive home. I was sooo tired of being sick. That was week 3 of not feeling any better. It's just now starting to diminish. The cough that it is. I still barely have a voice, its all gravelly. I finally caved and got the Netti pot like my mom told me and did it last night. It really did help a lot with cleaning me out so I need to do it again today.

-Jake took Sunday off of work so we could have a date night and get some stuff done around the apartment. We went out to dinner and a movie. Just Go With It is totally worth the insane amount of money one spends on a movie ticket. The next morning Jake was sick with what I had. He's been coughing up his lungs and really weak. The boys are sick too and of course their mother refuses to take them because...she's mother of the year. I won't even go into that because there's too much and it makes me soooooooooo angry. I'm just praying I don't get this sickness back all over again.

-This past Saturday we went to Monster Jam. TicketsWest is a joke. Will never deal with them EVER again. We bought tickets for the Pit Party or Pit Pass whatever the hell it is. You get to meet the drivers and see the trucks and take pictures/get autographs. We were soooo excited. We stood in line for over an hour in the cold and wind just to get inside and be told that we can't go to the Pit Party because the 2nd set of tickets has to be for the 2pm show and we were sold the 7:30 show. WHY would their website sell us the tickets if the tickets that had to go with it were not the correct ones?! They send us up to guest services to exchange the tickets. We stand in line for 20 minutes in even worse wind just to be told that the 2pm show is sold out and also that they are no longer letting people in for the Pit Party even if they had bought tickets. The line was insane! There was at least 200 or 300 people still standing in line. WHY would they sell the extra tickets if they didn't have the capacity to get everyone in? They should have only sold as many as was allowed in the building. Also we had been standing in line forever and I had to pee soooo bad. After the fiasco I asked if I could use the restroom at least. The one lady said yes and directed me to someone. I walked over there and suddenly this lady is in my face and I told her I needed to use the restroom. She asked where my tickets were and I explained there was a mix up we had to resolve but I really needed to use the restroom. She told me no. I looked at her and said "lady I am PREGNANT and I have to pee. I'm already pissed off and had to stand in the cold just to be told our tickets got screwed up by your company. I NEED TO PEE!" She looked at me like "Oh shit" and told me to come back to her immediately after I went. I was so annoyed. I'm sure TicketsWest was dealing with a ton of angry people. Jake was so frustrated and upset. He was probably more excited for the boys than the boys were. They were ok with not being able to go. We went to lunch and then took naps before we were going to go to the 7:30 show. Jake's friend and his son show back up for the 7:30 show and we're standing in line. I hand over the tickets and I hear the triple beep again and go "oh shit." She hands me back the tickets and says sorry these are for the 7:30 show on FRIDAY. WTF!? Jake specifically bought the tickets for 2pm on SATURDAY when we have the boys and because it was required for the pit party. Let me tell you that TicketsWest website times out. You have 45 seconds to enter ALL of your information after you pick your seats. So somewhere in the rush of filling out his info the website had to have malfunctioned and screwed shit up. We picked our seats and entered our info and the dates we wanted and didn't get those. Error on our part for not checking the tickets when we printed them out but considering TicketsWest went through some merger and is now the only one or one of the top 2 ticket selling sites we figured it'd be legit and they'd have it done correctly. Anywho, I grab the tickets and storm as quickly as my waddling self allows over to the ticket counter. The lady was pregnant as well so I figured she'd have a little sympathy for me, more than the lady that afternoon who was trying to refuse me the bathroom. I told her the entire situation and apparently after her supervisor was fixing things and we were asked to step to the side for a moment, the lady behind us had faced the same situation. Thankfully they were able to get us in that night. Different seats than we had wanted but at least got to see the show. I had a blast, got a ton of great pictures, which I'll upload later. Ethan was so sick that he fell asleep the last 20 minutes of the show. Apparently his ear protection worked amazing.

-Ethan's sleep schedule is so screwed up. He woke up at 2am and got changed. Then he woke up at 5am with a 100.7 fever. He was a buttinsky about getting his temperature taken but I told him if he didn't take it at home that we were going to the hospital. He didn't want to go to the hospital but didn't want to take his temperature so we had to explain that if we did it at the hospital they'd put it in his butt. Took another 10 minutes of convincing but he finally let Jake take it. He wouldn't put his tongue down or close his mouth so we ended up sticking it in his armpit. I got him some cold juice and he sucked it down and took medicine and went back to bed for a little longer. Apparently his "mother" lets him stay up and watch cartoons while she's pulling all nighters doing her homework because she wastes her afternoon and evenings on Facebook games and runs out of time. So his sleep schedule is sooo backwards. His nap on Friday after Jake picked them up lasted from 10am until 6pm when I got home and forced him to get up so he'd sleep that night. He screamed for two hours because he was so miserable. All I can say is April cannot come any faster. They need stability and consistency.

-I will try to get some pictures of the belly this week...and include my face haha along with the Monster Jam pictures. But right now I have to make Jake sandwiches and take them to work because for some reason he never takes a lunch. Then home, Epsom bath with a book and then early bed time since yesterday was too busy and I didn't get enough sleep. Though on another note the iron is SLOWLY working and I'm getting by on less sleep. THANK GOSH!

I'll try to catch up on everyone's blogs in the next couple days.

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  1. That monsterjam crap would have sent me over the edge...ugh!!!

    I hope you get better soon...that's too much to deal with!