Monday, February 7, 2011

31W1D OB Appt

Today's appointment was good. Emery's heartbeat was 140 as usual, my blood pressure was great, as usual andddd I'm still 2 weeks ahead measurement wise, as usual. She said +/- 2 weeks is good. I think she only seemed worried about me measuring 2 weeks bigger at my last appointment was because my first glucose test came back high and she was probably wondering about gestational diabetes. Now that GD has been ruled out we're back to normal so we probably won't get an ultrasound. I figured that would happen but I still wanted to see his little face.

My belly was really pointy this morning...she said it's cuz he's stickin' his hiney out.

I can't wait to see his cute little hiney! He still has 5 more pounds to gain though so he's definitely gonna be a chub.

I've been taking my iron for 2 weeks and no luck with the exhaustion. She wrote on my post it at the last appt 325 mg and on the bottle I got from the pharmacist it says 65mg. So here I was taking 65 mg and eating a Fiber One bar so I could still go potty and wondering why I had to go WAY more than usual. I upped it to 2 pills and still the same issue. So I mentioned it today and she said I need to take the 325mg. I'll do the math for you...that's 5 iron pills a day. I'm not doing that all at once because then I'll be so backed up I'll want to rip my intestines out so I'm going to bump it up to 4 and then up to 5. Hopefully it starts building up quick because I am dead without 12+ hours of sleep at night. Today at work I was spacing out for 5+ minutes at a time before I'd snap back to reality and realize I'd just been staring at my computer screen for who knows how long. Life is rough as an anemic.

My sister is coming to visit the 24th and she's bringing Sugar Plum with her. I've been laying in bed thinking of allllll the ways I'm gonna photograph my favorite little plum with my new camera. Plus all the things I want to get and do for my maternity photos. I'm going to go to Michael's sometime this week to get some props. I can't wait for the first victim :)

Lemme just remind you of how freaking adorable she is...I wanna eat her face!

I think that's all I have for now. I'm going to work on finishing up the blanket I've been crocheting as a backdrop for pics for Emery once he gets here and I'm taking my pathetic self to bed at 7pm to catch up on sleep and hopefully be able to function for a normal 8hr shift tomorrow.

One last thing...if anyone can make me this...both pieces, I will pay you for your time and the shipping. This is too cute and I must have it!


  1. I could definitely do a similar hat, and I could make a diaper cover with a pom pom on the butt.

  2. ahhhh you'd totally be my hero! I think it's the cutest thing. I don't have enough knitting/crocheting skills to pull that off.

  3. omg...that baby outfit at the end is TO DIE FOR!!!! love it!

    you're taking stool softener too, right? iron is a killer...i believe i was taking 5 pills at one point too. horrible!

    you are looking too cute, but you covered up your face!!!! you're too cute to cover up your face ;)