Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Today we went and opened Emery's savings account. They asked for his social and I said, "Oh, well he's not born yet." Their faces were confusion and then they leaned over the counter and looked at my belly. I was slightly amused. So for now it has to be in Jake and I's name and until he gets here and is a real, legal little American. 

I got a $25.00 bonus from work for Christmas and along with some tips I was able to put $50.00 in it right away. I can't wait to start saving him what I can. It's going to be set up so that he can't touch it until he's 21 and completes a 2 year college. I blew through my small savings when it could have really helped with other things. Live and learn I suppose. So I want him to be able to appreciate that he has a little nest egg and be mature enough to know what needs to be done with it. 

Jake feels bad because Emery will probably end up with a little more than Nathan and Ethan but they're already so much older and their mom doesn't care about using any money given to her for more than her partying. So it'll be just our family putting in for them where as Emery has Jake and I and my family. I hope the boys will just be appreciative that we opened one and got them started when they're older. We weren't able to set the boys up yet but we will once we get some other financial stuff taken care of. I just wanted Emery's set up ASAP so I could money set aside quickly. Sometimes my dad or grandparents will send a little check and that will all go towards Emery. We're hoping that with a decent interest rate that each of the boys will have around $10,000 by the time they're 21.

I hope that even when I'm not working and maybe working a job where I don't get tips that I can still save bits here and there, I don't want to just get a small deposit in there and then not touch it for a long time. I'd like to have at least one deposit a month. So as its starting 2011 I guess that will be my resolution, to always be able to put what I can in his account each month. Fingers crossed!


  1. I started a joint one for my girls (because I'm lazy, it's easier to divide later) and I have it taken from my (very pathetic) check each week. They get anywhere from 30-100 each week as I have it set up to give everything over a certain amount to them. That way I'm not shorted and always know what I'm getting and they get the extra.

  2. That's a really good idea. I should tell Jake about that and he can do it for the boys. It would be easier to divide but they are over 5 years apart...then again they wont be 21 for a LONG time so we can worry about that later lol