Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Our Good News...

Where to start? First of all I gave my notice to work for my maternity leave. I was SO burnt out and not able to handle it. Also the not set schedule was driving me insane and was making it hard to plan my appointments. Especially considering weeks ago I requested Sunday's off for my birthing classes. My manager ended up making a work meeting on this last Sunday and wrote that it was mandatory. Supposedly it was just going to be a "bitch fest" as everyone called it and everyone was gonna call everyone out on the stuff they didn't like so people could realize what they slacked on and change it. Of course I didn't need to go to this, I'm not going to call people out on their shit when I should be able to tell my manger and have HER deal with it. That's what she's paid the big bucks to do. Also I had requested it off weeks in advance so I thought that meant I didn't have to go. Apparently not because she bitched me out yesterday about how the team was disappointed in me and angry I didn't come and that she was writing me up. Yet I can think of two other co workers who have missed mandatory meetings. One had requested it off prior and the other was too lazy to come/overslept and I KNOW they didn't get written up. She kept lecturing and had me in tears. So I feel like since the manager and I don't see eye to eye she's singling me out and writing me up for really petty shit and I just cannot handle that with all of the other stuff we have going on i.e. trying to move, get custody of the boys, doctor appointments etc etc etc. Also the fact that standing on my feet all day is making me really hurt the rest of the day/night and the next morning.

Let me tell you what a HUGE relief this one giving this notice and knowing that Saturday is my last day. Of course I couldn't just leave my job without having back up because I need to contribute and I can't just sit at home everyday, I'd go insane. So after my doctors appointment I had an interview with People to People Ambassadors. Its 8-5, M-F. $10.00 guaranteed 40 hours a week. Its a 2 month job, just for their overflow data entry that floods them with 20,000 applications. So I'll be able to sit and do data entry, get paid way more and have a full time job so I can contribute. I was ecstatic when she called and offered me the position. This is only temporary and hopefully after my maternity leave I'll be going back to my other job part time. A small break is probably just what I need and with the other salon opening hopefully hated coworker 1 will transfer. First thing feeling right!

Then at 3:30 we went and looked at an apartment. We really liked it. I loved the kitchen! And the porch has room for my plants! Here's the layout:

We decided to put in an application. She said she'd waive the $40.00 application fee for both of us. We got a little worried though about credit. Jake's is not so great with all the crap he's went through in the last 7 years and we've just barely gotten mine paid down. When I get my tax return it'll all be paid off though, hallelujah. Then again I decided that with the economy everyone has struggles and they may look past it. So I called her today and explained our situation and she told us to definitely still bring in the apps and that unless we had unpaid rent/eviction or utilities from somewhere that we probably wouldn't get denied and just need a co-signer. Jake took it in and within 2 hours she called when we were at lunch and told us that it was approved and we only needed an extra 300 for a deposit no co-signer needed. Oh my gosh, I couldn't believe it. We're so excited to have our own place that is OURS and a new beginning. Everything is falling together for us. All that is left for us is his debt which will be resolved so shortly and then in April we'll hopefully get custody of the boys and be picture perfect.

I'm so relieved to be able to have Emery come into a peaceful environment. He won't have to be born and live in this house with no space of his own. He'll now have his own bedroom and own space for changing and sleeping without his big brother's bothering him. He'll be right next to our room so he's close by.

Also we had our Hypnobirthing and we're really learning a lot. I'm glad that Jake participates and is willing to do this. He's been so supportive of everything and I can't imagine not having him in my life. We all had to get our significant other a small gift that would fit in the palm of our hand to give to each other. Mine of course was super sentimental and had meaning behind it. He looked a little confused actually, I don't know if I actually explained the whole thing because I was feeling so emotional. I've had it for a long time so I didn't go buy it. I don't know if that put him off at all but I knew when I had seen it that it would have great meaning someday and that's why I got it. A couple weeks ago she told us of our assignment and immediately I knew what it was going to be. Hopefully he understands the meaning behind it. He got me a gorgeous silver necklace, with this loopy heart and glittery little diamonds in one side. On the other side was a saying engraved about a mother's love. I had him put it on me right then and there and I'm sure I'll never take it off. I'm not much of a necklace person because I feel they look funny with my tattoos but this one is perfect!

That's all I have for now. I'm on cloud 9 on the moment. I'm so anxious for everything and can't wait to see how much better it's gonna get for us. Cheers to the future!

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  1. Wow...congrats on the job stuff and the apartment. It is so nice to have a space in which you're happy. I love the gifts that fit in the palm of your hand...so sweet!