Tuesday, January 25, 2011

OB Appt 29W2D

We went to our bi-weekly OB appt. Mister Emery had a heart rate of 140. I love hearing his heartbeat. Most days I still cannot believe that there is another human INSIDE OF ME. Its such a disgustingly creepy thought, I have a penis inside me at all times. HAHAHAHA, sorry prude family :P I'm actually really just in awe of the creation of humans and that I was created specifically for this purpose.

Rambling! Anyway...Week 27 appointment I was measuring right on the money. This week, I'm measuring 2 weeks bigger. Big as Week 31 for the people who are brain dead and can't do the math like myself most days.

I also had taken my glucose test at our Week 27 appointment. Your glucose is supposed to be 130 and mine was 135. Slightly elevated so I have to go and do the 3 hour glucose test. YAY for another glu-cola. I just can't wait!

I'm praying hard that I don't have gestational diabetes. Bev, our nurse said that she's sure that I'll do just fine on the 3 hour test, just precautionary. I'm REALLY hoping to do our Hypnobirth so I don't want to end up with a huge baby. I keep hearing "oh no, if you have gestational diabetes you'll have to be induced or have a c-section" I can't help but roll my eyes. I hate ignorance. There really are more options out there for me than that. People hear one horrific thing from a doctor and that's what is cemented in my mind. Obviously I am going to do what is best for Emery but if I have the chance to do it all natural I damn well am going to try.

I mentioned this to Shelley and she said we'll cross that bridge if we get to it. She said it doesn't have to go that way, I can see a nutritionist who can set me up with a healthy diet to prevent him from getting too big and having the birth I want. But as she said we won't know until I do the test and we get those results. 

We also may get another ultrasound in awhile to see how big he's getting if I keep measuring big. It may have just been a mega growth spurt for him and I'll be fine in two weeks. Secretly we're hoping I measure big enough for another ultrasound to see his adorable face and then hopefully I'll measure normal after that.

Also there was a significant drop in my iron levels. She said my iron was rockin at my very first OB appt with an awesome 41. Now its 32.7 which makes me anemic so they have to give me an iron supplement besides the one in my prenatals. I will now be investing in fiber one bars because it's a bitch to not be able to use the bathroom when I feel like I need to.

Also overnight I swear a skin tag popped up on my thigh and then on my neck. The one on my neck isn't even in a spot where its rubbing against skin like it says they usually start. I'm so grossed out. I'm really hoping they go away after I have the baby or those suckers are gonna get plucked if a doctor won't remove them. The gorgeous necklace Jake got me snagged on my neck one in bed last night. I was wondering what hurt but didn't know I had a growth on my neck until this morning at work.

I'm going to post another blog after this one to update everyone on all our good news so this one can be kept as just an OB appt update.


  1. OH I hate all those people that run their mouth. Like they know everything about having babies! I couldn't make it through the 3 hour test, so good luck to you. I have always been anemic and was so anemic when I was pregnant with the twins, even with prescription strength iron (talk about never pooping!) that they were worried about me bleeding out during my section but nothing! Nothing remotely horrible happened.

    Those skin tags, most of them will go. I was covered with them, SO GROSS! Thank you hormones! A month after the girls were born my skin looked sooo much better (and I lost 40lbs without trying!!). Hoping for the best for your little one!

  2. How did you not make it through the 3 hour test?!

    I hope I'll still be able to potty lol, it's the worst not being able to. Guys cannot even fathom what we go through when we're pregnant.

  3. I had G.D. and it wasn't that bad.

    I laughed when you said you had a penis inside you...all the time! Dirty girl!

    I had the iron thing too...the Fiber One bars really do help and I used to eat spinach by the brick (with vinegar), but that was just a craving. Weird, right?

  4. That is a weird craving lol. I'm not a fan of spinach and definitely broccoli so I have to see what other options I have lol