Saturday, January 22, 2011

Massage and other random stuff.

For Christmas Jake got me two 55 minute massages at Elements. I have today, tomorrow and Sunday off. Jake and I spent the morning shopping. I had to get myself a new book to read in my baths and wanted to get Emery a couple. We'll start off with the rambling/shopping and move onto the massage. I can barely keep straight thoughts anymore!

The very first book I got him was because of the illustrations and I cried reading it in Costco. Her illustrations are so beautiful. 

So today I picked up these...

The last book I need to get is

I was googling Nancy Tillman to see if she has any other books and I found her website. You can buy prints from within the books. I'm sooo excited. I can't wait until Emery has his own room and I'm going to get a couple and frame them. The artwork is gorgeous.

On top of all the shopping today I called and made an appointment for one of my massages. They were able to get me in at 3 which was perfect because I could leave at 2:30 when Jake is leaving for work.

I got there and waited a few, I was early so not a problem. A guy named Ken came out and got me and went over my paperwork I filled out. I explained that I'm pregnant and I do hair so I'm standing all day. Occasional headaches, lower back pain and my feet are sore, sometimes I sleep hard and wake up and my jaws hurt and then my hands swelling and numbness. After that he left the room and I got naked down to the skivvies and crawled onto the table. It didn't have a round spot for my belly but I've been able to lay on my belly for short periods of time and be fine. 

He came back in and started on my back. His medium pressure was pretty rough, I'd hate to ask for more. Could be that I'm just so sore that it was a little too much. I didn't say anything because I knew I'd loosen up. He worked on my back, then he moved to my left arm, wrist and hand then onto the right. It felt so amazing to have my arms rubbed and my hands, especially with as stiff and swollen as they've been.

He moved onto my left leg and foot and then the right. That again was so amazing. You never think about how much your legs really go through in a day so it was nice to just relax and have them rubbed on. Then he had me wiggle down the table and pulled the blanket up and had me roll on my back. I got a little worried about laying on my back but figured I only had a few minutes left. He rubbed my neck and my jaw. Then he rubbed my ears and massaged my scalp and that was the end.
Next time I think I'll go to the chiropractor first and then go to the massage after so I'm a little more loose. I think I may have to wait until after Emery is here because its going to start getting uncomfortable to lay on my belly.

He gave me a piece of paper for areas of concern and it said neck, upper back and hands/wrists. So he definitely noticed the knots everywhere. Either way he was very professional and friendly and had great pressure. It was nice to just lay in relaxation and be rubbed down.

Tomorrow is 29 Weeks and from my book it says that's the start of month 8. I can't believe how little time there is until my little one is here. I'm so excited to meet him!

We have our hypnobirthing class tomorrow. Can't wait, I really look forward to that each week. Then Monday we have our baby appointment at 9:30, I have an interview at 11:30 and then Nathan has a psychologist appointment at one. We've hit a really rough patch and have been noticing things so we're going to take him more. I won't get into that as its very personal but any prayers would be much appreciated.

So the next couple days are gonna be sooo busy. I hope that I get the job as it pays 75 cents more than I currently make, is M-F 8-5 and will work with my doctors appointments and guarantee me 40 hours a week. It's doing Date Entry for People To People Ambassadors so I feel as if it'll be a really good opportunity for me. It's also a temporary job lasting only 2 months so it'll end just in time for me to get things set up and ready for Emery's arrival. *fingers crossed*

I'm really needing something new as I'm burnt out with my job. I don't enjoy my coworkers except for 2 or 3 of them. I had my review yesterday and basically was told that I look like crap and my hair and makeup aren't meeting expectations. Yo, this is a barber shop. We wear yoga pants and tennis shoes, how dolled up do you expect us to be? I have an a-line, I can wear my hair straight or scrunch it. I can't curl it or do some up-do. My makeup is minimal because I'm pregnant. My skin is doing good and I don't wanna be caking crap on, along with not having time. I like to spend as much time with Jake and the Boys as I can. I put on a bronzer and blush, a cream/gold eyeshadow and mascara. You can tell I have makeup on and that its natural and enhances my eyes and cheeks. Apparently she must be expecting drag queen makeup because nothing is making her happy.

I don't even feel like going on because I'm so frustrated and so fed up with everything. Everyone there and every policy is one big contradiction of what Corporate Policy and handbook says. I'm tired of working for companies that have shitty managers who aren't cut out for the jobs they are placed in. So I'm REALLY hoping that this job works out because I won't last long at my current place.

I just got sidetracked so I guess I'm done venting...wish me luck with the job interview, say a few prayers for us and check back in a few days for any new craziness :)

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