Monday, January 17, 2011

“Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand.”

We went to our second Hypnobirthing class yesterday. Jake said that one was a lot better because we covered a lot more important information and did less reading from the book.

We had some reading to do with each other, just stuff to read to the baby. I was sure I was going to cry but somehow kept it together. Rinzen told us that they had a "Blessing Way" for both of their kids. With their daughter they had everyone bring a rock of some kind and bless the baby in her belly. With their son everyone brought a special bead and did the same thing and she eventually made a necklace out of it that hangs in their room. I thought this was so neat and was trying to think of stuff I could do for Emery. I don't want to do a "blessing way" per se, but I want something special for him to have from everyone someday.

As I was laying in bed I realized what I could do. Books were always my outlet, I loved getting lost in a book. I'd hole up in bed and read, I'd sneak outside and hide somewhere to read, I'd read on the bus ride home from school, stay up late with a flash light reading and read out by the river/lake. I think I have such a crazy imagination because of all the reading I did. To this day I still want the library that the Beast gave Belle in The Beauty and the Beast. I want a huge library filled with books and it would be neat for Emery to have his own little library. I want him to have books to get lost in and be a reader like mama. I want him to read and know of other lands, to be creative, to have a good spelling and understanding and to have fun.

So, I'd like friends and family to get Emery a children's book. It can be a book you like the artwork in, a book your kids liked, a book you cherished as a kid, a book with deeper meaning or just a cute book you find. It doesn't have to be brand new, it can be used from your collection or one you find at a thrift store or a yard sale. Just a book that can read to him once he arrives in this world. I plan on reading to him everyday and hopefully the boys will as well. If you could write a little message in the cover, or on a post it to put it in there or even a letter I can save for him for when he's older I'd be ecstatic. 

In a bit the boys and I are going to Barnes and Noble to pick one out for him and going to write him a letter/draw a picture that I can save for him.

If anyone needs the address just message me and I'll share. I hope this will have a good turn out :)

p.s. the quote was Albert Einstein.

Also, we're trying to think of ways to incorporate the boys more with the baby. I try to show them pictures each week of what the baby looks like and what is developing. Each time we went to the store I'd point out the vegetable/fruit that related in size to the baby. We try to talk to him and I let the boys feel him whenever he's squirmy but we need something more. We don't have a room for the baby so they can't help decorate at this point, we're not really buying much for clothes so we need something more...any ideas would be appreciated!

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