Monday, January 31, 2011

Glucose Update

Got jabbed 4 freaking times, once I didn't feel it at all the other 3 hurt. I felt like shit afterwards, so I called work to see if I could come in an hour later and then I took a nap. Mostly just tired and nauseous, after my nap and at work I felt fine but towards the end of my shift I started getting a sore throat. Ended up feeling not good that evening.

Next morning I had stabbing pains in my throat so I went to Urgent Care thinking strep was back. I guess I don't have it because they never called. I was sooo sure I had it, I've never had a cold that had that bad of a sore throat. All my symptoms were exactly like Strep. First time I've EVER been wrong.

Spent all of Friday and Saturday in bed practically. It was my last two days at the salon and had to call in I was so miserable. Jake kept the boys quiet while I napped which was very nice. Saturday my nurse Bev called and told me that my glucose test was fine and I didn't have Gestational Diabetes. THANK GOODNESS!

Sunday we ran errands, I think. I can barely remember what I do anymore lol. We had a tour of the hospital, which was not very informational, I just was glad to see how it was set up so I can visualize it when I'm practicing my relaxation and visuals. Then we had our HypnoBirthing class and that went well. Unfortunately Jake can't go this Sunday with me :( everyone at work requested it off for the stupid Super Bowl so he has to work.

First day of work at the new job went great. Day flew by. Still sick as hell, I can't stand for long because I get so lightheaded. Thankfully I sit all day now and they're not so super strict. Still stuffy and sneezy though the sneezing isn't every 20 minutes like it was the first couple days. What's driving me nuts the most is my throat being soooo dry. Nothing helps and then I get a tickle and am constantly coughing to make it go away which isn't helping. I had the humidifier on last night but think I need to skip it tonight because I woke up feeling like I had a ton of liquid in my lungs and had a panic thought of pneumonia. Please no. Then again with how dry my throat is I may just put it on low for a bit and Jake can shut it off when he gets home. 

It sucked only seeing him for 10 minutes this morning. It's going to be like that Monday-Thursday and at least Friday's he's off so I'll see him when I get off in the evenings. I'm going to miss him so much. He made a ton of progress packing today though while I was gone so that's a plus.

One last thing...a friend of mine was selling his Nikon D50 and I mentioned it being only 300.00. Of course Jake starts looking into it and asked if that's what I'd really want and I said I was holding out for the Canon 5D but it's an arm and a leg and I won't have it for a long time. Somewhere I mentioned that I had been wanting the Canon Rebel XTi before I decided to upgrade to the 5D. He got on eBay (of course!) and found an amazing deal. Rarely used and a nice lens. We decided to bid on it and won in the last couple seconds. A camera worth about a grand and a lens around 300 all for $320 including shipping. I am ECSTATIC. I will never put the thing down. Now I only have to get my maternity photos and I can do all my baby photos myself. Along with any friends who want pictures done so I can have the extra practice and someday I'll be in school for it and making money for my skill. I got such a better deal and all because Jake is an eBay expert, it's kind of sickening...I always have to tease him for it.

Anyway enough of that, I'm exhausted and off to bed.


  1. Glad you don't have G.D. (it ruins eating for the rest of your pregnancy)! You're going to love your new camera...enjoy!

  2. You're a rockstar for lasting the whole 3 hours! I'm also super jealous of the camera! I keep looking around at DSLR, I just need to make the jump.