Tuesday, January 11, 2011

27 Weeks

Sunday marked 27 weeks. I can't believe next week is month 7. This pregnancy has flown by. I'm going to miss it I think, I really have enjoyed being pregnant. I am sooo anxious to meet my boy though. I can't wait to cuddle him and kiss his little cheeks.

We were really unsure about it being a boy, my mom was totally unconvinced and I was disappointed with the ultrasound when we had it. I mentioned at my doctor appointment yesterday that it was really unconvincing and we'd like to just have it confirmed. She said my insurance would never cover it and I'd have to pay out of pocket. I wasn't going to be swayed so I asked where I could go have one done and pay out of pocket. She said I could have it done there and told us to hold on while she checked the price with the tech. She came back in and said that the tech had a few minutes and she'd sneak us in just to take a peek. I was ecstatic. I had been praying every night that they'd be able to do that for us. She took the two minutes to confirm there was a little pee pee. He already has such a cute little round tummy and the cutest nose. She was totally unfriendly just like the last time but whatever, she wasn't charging us and I just wanted to know for sure. I felt a totally different connection with Emery just knowing for sure he was a boy. It was cemented that he was a boy, and he's mine and just secures our bond. 

His heart rate was 142. Bev, our nurse said he was playing around in there as it kept skipping out when she was checking him. Then again I had just drank my "Glu-cola". I wasn't a fan of Sprite or 7-Up to begin with and after lemon lime glu-cola I definitely won't want it for a long time. It was nowhere near as bad as I've heard, just was flat and not tasty. I'll find out my results in 2 weeks when we go back as I'm now far enough long that I'll be going every two weeks.

Our Hypnobirthing class was on Sunday. The instructors website said it was about 2 hours, could have said 2 and a half I'm not sure but it lasted 3 hours. I feel really confident about it, but its a little out of Jake's element. His imagination isn't even half of what mine is and he wasn't a fan of all the reading from the book. Considering I had read the entire book beforehand to make sure it was what I really wanted to do I know how important all the reading is. I'm glad that we're doing all the reading because it shows him exactly what I've learned and why I'm convinced its the route I want to take. We go through a chapter of "fears" and how it can affect your birthing and how we're going to work them. I guess we're going to share them and then let them go and we also have to get our significant other a small gift that fits in our palm and we'll each have a chance to go off and share it. I knew exactly what I was going to get. I think I already have it, but if not I know where to go. I'm going to end up crying like a baby lol.

We've bought Emery a couple outfits and it just makes me even more anxious. Today I went to Target and found an 18 month pea coat. It'll be too big for next winter I think but should be perfect the one after that. I think they're so cute and I'm not a fan of the big ugly poofy ones they have for babies and little kids. I also picked up my Beethoven cd. I imported it to my iPod and created him his own little playlist for his room and for when I'm driving. There is alot of music that I want him to know and also just some relaxing bedtime ones.

ALSO got my humidifier because I wake up so stuffy from all the hormones affecting my nose. It's normally not a problem but recently I'll wake up and my hand will be covered in slobber from having to breathe through my mouth and not my nose. GROSS. That's set up and running and we'll see what a difference it makes tonight if any. If not its ultimately for Emery when he's born but i'm using it until then as it is much needed.

I think i've rambled on enough for one post so i'll leave you with a couple 27 Week pictures. My franchise owner told me today "you're huge!" I'm like yea, these uniforms are totally unflattering with the stripes, thankfully they're vertical and I'm also a whole 5'4" so he can only grow out of my belly. My sister is a blessed 5'8" or 5'9" so Hadley had lotsa room under her ribs to grow before she started going out. I'm too short torso'ed so he can only go out. I don't mind, I love my belly. I don't feel huge and its a perfect size now and I know my precious cargo is tucked in there <3

Don't mind the potty, I can't edit it out on the camera like on my phone.

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