Monday, January 31, 2011

Glucose Update

Got jabbed 4 freaking times, once I didn't feel it at all the other 3 hurt. I felt like shit afterwards, so I called work to see if I could come in an hour later and then I took a nap. Mostly just tired and nauseous, after my nap and at work I felt fine but towards the end of my shift I started getting a sore throat. Ended up feeling not good that evening.

Next morning I had stabbing pains in my throat so I went to Urgent Care thinking strep was back. I guess I don't have it because they never called. I was sooo sure I had it, I've never had a cold that had that bad of a sore throat. All my symptoms were exactly like Strep. First time I've EVER been wrong.

Spent all of Friday and Saturday in bed practically. It was my last two days at the salon and had to call in I was so miserable. Jake kept the boys quiet while I napped which was very nice. Saturday my nurse Bev called and told me that my glucose test was fine and I didn't have Gestational Diabetes. THANK GOODNESS!

Sunday we ran errands, I think. I can barely remember what I do anymore lol. We had a tour of the hospital, which was not very informational, I just was glad to see how it was set up so I can visualize it when I'm practicing my relaxation and visuals. Then we had our HypnoBirthing class and that went well. Unfortunately Jake can't go this Sunday with me :( everyone at work requested it off for the stupid Super Bowl so he has to work.

First day of work at the new job went great. Day flew by. Still sick as hell, I can't stand for long because I get so lightheaded. Thankfully I sit all day now and they're not so super strict. Still stuffy and sneezy though the sneezing isn't every 20 minutes like it was the first couple days. What's driving me nuts the most is my throat being soooo dry. Nothing helps and then I get a tickle and am constantly coughing to make it go away which isn't helping. I had the humidifier on last night but think I need to skip it tonight because I woke up feeling like I had a ton of liquid in my lungs and had a panic thought of pneumonia. Please no. Then again with how dry my throat is I may just put it on low for a bit and Jake can shut it off when he gets home. 

It sucked only seeing him for 10 minutes this morning. It's going to be like that Monday-Thursday and at least Friday's he's off so I'll see him when I get off in the evenings. I'm going to miss him so much. He made a ton of progress packing today though while I was gone so that's a plus.

One last thing...a friend of mine was selling his Nikon D50 and I mentioned it being only 300.00. Of course Jake starts looking into it and asked if that's what I'd really want and I said I was holding out for the Canon 5D but it's an arm and a leg and I won't have it for a long time. Somewhere I mentioned that I had been wanting the Canon Rebel XTi before I decided to upgrade to the 5D. He got on eBay (of course!) and found an amazing deal. Rarely used and a nice lens. We decided to bid on it and won in the last couple seconds. A camera worth about a grand and a lens around 300 all for $320 including shipping. I am ECSTATIC. I will never put the thing down. Now I only have to get my maternity photos and I can do all my baby photos myself. Along with any friends who want pictures done so I can have the extra practice and someday I'll be in school for it and making money for my skill. I got such a better deal and all because Jake is an eBay expert, it's kind of sickening...I always have to tease him for it.

Anyway enough of that, I'm exhausted and off to bed.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Our Good News...

Where to start? First of all I gave my notice to work for my maternity leave. I was SO burnt out and not able to handle it. Also the not set schedule was driving me insane and was making it hard to plan my appointments. Especially considering weeks ago I requested Sunday's off for my birthing classes. My manager ended up making a work meeting on this last Sunday and wrote that it was mandatory. Supposedly it was just going to be a "bitch fest" as everyone called it and everyone was gonna call everyone out on the stuff they didn't like so people could realize what they slacked on and change it. Of course I didn't need to go to this, I'm not going to call people out on their shit when I should be able to tell my manger and have HER deal with it. That's what she's paid the big bucks to do. Also I had requested it off weeks in advance so I thought that meant I didn't have to go. Apparently not because she bitched me out yesterday about how the team was disappointed in me and angry I didn't come and that she was writing me up. Yet I can think of two other co workers who have missed mandatory meetings. One had requested it off prior and the other was too lazy to come/overslept and I KNOW they didn't get written up. She kept lecturing and had me in tears. So I feel like since the manager and I don't see eye to eye she's singling me out and writing me up for really petty shit and I just cannot handle that with all of the other stuff we have going on i.e. trying to move, get custody of the boys, doctor appointments etc etc etc. Also the fact that standing on my feet all day is making me really hurt the rest of the day/night and the next morning.

Let me tell you what a HUGE relief this one giving this notice and knowing that Saturday is my last day. Of course I couldn't just leave my job without having back up because I need to contribute and I can't just sit at home everyday, I'd go insane. So after my doctors appointment I had an interview with People to People Ambassadors. Its 8-5, M-F. $10.00 guaranteed 40 hours a week. Its a 2 month job, just for their overflow data entry that floods them with 20,000 applications. So I'll be able to sit and do data entry, get paid way more and have a full time job so I can contribute. I was ecstatic when she called and offered me the position. This is only temporary and hopefully after my maternity leave I'll be going back to my other job part time. A small break is probably just what I need and with the other salon opening hopefully hated coworker 1 will transfer. First thing feeling right!

Then at 3:30 we went and looked at an apartment. We really liked it. I loved the kitchen! And the porch has room for my plants! Here's the layout:

We decided to put in an application. She said she'd waive the $40.00 application fee for both of us. We got a little worried though about credit. Jake's is not so great with all the crap he's went through in the last 7 years and we've just barely gotten mine paid down. When I get my tax return it'll all be paid off though, hallelujah. Then again I decided that with the economy everyone has struggles and they may look past it. So I called her today and explained our situation and she told us to definitely still bring in the apps and that unless we had unpaid rent/eviction or utilities from somewhere that we probably wouldn't get denied and just need a co-signer. Jake took it in and within 2 hours she called when we were at lunch and told us that it was approved and we only needed an extra 300 for a deposit no co-signer needed. Oh my gosh, I couldn't believe it. We're so excited to have our own place that is OURS and a new beginning. Everything is falling together for us. All that is left for us is his debt which will be resolved so shortly and then in April we'll hopefully get custody of the boys and be picture perfect.

I'm so relieved to be able to have Emery come into a peaceful environment. He won't have to be born and live in this house with no space of his own. He'll now have his own bedroom and own space for changing and sleeping without his big brother's bothering him. He'll be right next to our room so he's close by.

Also we had our Hypnobirthing and we're really learning a lot. I'm glad that Jake participates and is willing to do this. He's been so supportive of everything and I can't imagine not having him in my life. We all had to get our significant other a small gift that would fit in the palm of our hand to give to each other. Mine of course was super sentimental and had meaning behind it. He looked a little confused actually, I don't know if I actually explained the whole thing because I was feeling so emotional. I've had it for a long time so I didn't go buy it. I don't know if that put him off at all but I knew when I had seen it that it would have great meaning someday and that's why I got it. A couple weeks ago she told us of our assignment and immediately I knew what it was going to be. Hopefully he understands the meaning behind it. He got me a gorgeous silver necklace, with this loopy heart and glittery little diamonds in one side. On the other side was a saying engraved about a mother's love. I had him put it on me right then and there and I'm sure I'll never take it off. I'm not much of a necklace person because I feel they look funny with my tattoos but this one is perfect!

That's all I have for now. I'm on cloud 9 on the moment. I'm so anxious for everything and can't wait to see how much better it's gonna get for us. Cheers to the future!

OB Appt 29W2D

We went to our bi-weekly OB appt. Mister Emery had a heart rate of 140. I love hearing his heartbeat. Most days I still cannot believe that there is another human INSIDE OF ME. Its such a disgustingly creepy thought, I have a penis inside me at all times. HAHAHAHA, sorry prude family :P I'm actually really just in awe of the creation of humans and that I was created specifically for this purpose.

Rambling! Anyway...Week 27 appointment I was measuring right on the money. This week, I'm measuring 2 weeks bigger. Big as Week 31 for the people who are brain dead and can't do the math like myself most days.

I also had taken my glucose test at our Week 27 appointment. Your glucose is supposed to be 130 and mine was 135. Slightly elevated so I have to go and do the 3 hour glucose test. YAY for another glu-cola. I just can't wait!

I'm praying hard that I don't have gestational diabetes. Bev, our nurse said that she's sure that I'll do just fine on the 3 hour test, just precautionary. I'm REALLY hoping to do our Hypnobirth so I don't want to end up with a huge baby. I keep hearing "oh no, if you have gestational diabetes you'll have to be induced or have a c-section" I can't help but roll my eyes. I hate ignorance. There really are more options out there for me than that. People hear one horrific thing from a doctor and that's what is cemented in my mind. Obviously I am going to do what is best for Emery but if I have the chance to do it all natural I damn well am going to try.

I mentioned this to Shelley and she said we'll cross that bridge if we get to it. She said it doesn't have to go that way, I can see a nutritionist who can set me up with a healthy diet to prevent him from getting too big and having the birth I want. But as she said we won't know until I do the test and we get those results. 

We also may get another ultrasound in awhile to see how big he's getting if I keep measuring big. It may have just been a mega growth spurt for him and I'll be fine in two weeks. Secretly we're hoping I measure big enough for another ultrasound to see his adorable face and then hopefully I'll measure normal after that.

Also there was a significant drop in my iron levels. She said my iron was rockin at my very first OB appt with an awesome 41. Now its 32.7 which makes me anemic so they have to give me an iron supplement besides the one in my prenatals. I will now be investing in fiber one bars because it's a bitch to not be able to use the bathroom when I feel like I need to.

Also overnight I swear a skin tag popped up on my thigh and then on my neck. The one on my neck isn't even in a spot where its rubbing against skin like it says they usually start. I'm so grossed out. I'm really hoping they go away after I have the baby or those suckers are gonna get plucked if a doctor won't remove them. The gorgeous necklace Jake got me snagged on my neck one in bed last night. I was wondering what hurt but didn't know I had a growth on my neck until this morning at work.

I'm going to post another blog after this one to update everyone on all our good news so this one can be kept as just an OB appt update.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Massage and other random stuff.

For Christmas Jake got me two 55 minute massages at Elements. I have today, tomorrow and Sunday off. Jake and I spent the morning shopping. I had to get myself a new book to read in my baths and wanted to get Emery a couple. We'll start off with the rambling/shopping and move onto the massage. I can barely keep straight thoughts anymore!

The very first book I got him was because of the illustrations and I cried reading it in Costco. Her illustrations are so beautiful. 

So today I picked up these...

The last book I need to get is

I was googling Nancy Tillman to see if she has any other books and I found her website. You can buy prints from within the books. I'm sooo excited. I can't wait until Emery has his own room and I'm going to get a couple and frame them. The artwork is gorgeous.

On top of all the shopping today I called and made an appointment for one of my massages. They were able to get me in at 3 which was perfect because I could leave at 2:30 when Jake is leaving for work.

I got there and waited a few, I was early so not a problem. A guy named Ken came out and got me and went over my paperwork I filled out. I explained that I'm pregnant and I do hair so I'm standing all day. Occasional headaches, lower back pain and my feet are sore, sometimes I sleep hard and wake up and my jaws hurt and then my hands swelling and numbness. After that he left the room and I got naked down to the skivvies and crawled onto the table. It didn't have a round spot for my belly but I've been able to lay on my belly for short periods of time and be fine. 

He came back in and started on my back. His medium pressure was pretty rough, I'd hate to ask for more. Could be that I'm just so sore that it was a little too much. I didn't say anything because I knew I'd loosen up. He worked on my back, then he moved to my left arm, wrist and hand then onto the right. It felt so amazing to have my arms rubbed and my hands, especially with as stiff and swollen as they've been.

He moved onto my left leg and foot and then the right. That again was so amazing. You never think about how much your legs really go through in a day so it was nice to just relax and have them rubbed on. Then he had me wiggle down the table and pulled the blanket up and had me roll on my back. I got a little worried about laying on my back but figured I only had a few minutes left. He rubbed my neck and my jaw. Then he rubbed my ears and massaged my scalp and that was the end.
Next time I think I'll go to the chiropractor first and then go to the massage after so I'm a little more loose. I think I may have to wait until after Emery is here because its going to start getting uncomfortable to lay on my belly.

He gave me a piece of paper for areas of concern and it said neck, upper back and hands/wrists. So he definitely noticed the knots everywhere. Either way he was very professional and friendly and had great pressure. It was nice to just lay in relaxation and be rubbed down.

Tomorrow is 29 Weeks and from my book it says that's the start of month 8. I can't believe how little time there is until my little one is here. I'm so excited to meet him!

We have our hypnobirthing class tomorrow. Can't wait, I really look forward to that each week. Then Monday we have our baby appointment at 9:30, I have an interview at 11:30 and then Nathan has a psychologist appointment at one. We've hit a really rough patch and have been noticing things so we're going to take him more. I won't get into that as its very personal but any prayers would be much appreciated.

So the next couple days are gonna be sooo busy. I hope that I get the job as it pays 75 cents more than I currently make, is M-F 8-5 and will work with my doctors appointments and guarantee me 40 hours a week. It's doing Date Entry for People To People Ambassadors so I feel as if it'll be a really good opportunity for me. It's also a temporary job lasting only 2 months so it'll end just in time for me to get things set up and ready for Emery's arrival. *fingers crossed*

I'm really needing something new as I'm burnt out with my job. I don't enjoy my coworkers except for 2 or 3 of them. I had my review yesterday and basically was told that I look like crap and my hair and makeup aren't meeting expectations. Yo, this is a barber shop. We wear yoga pants and tennis shoes, how dolled up do you expect us to be? I have an a-line, I can wear my hair straight or scrunch it. I can't curl it or do some up-do. My makeup is minimal because I'm pregnant. My skin is doing good and I don't wanna be caking crap on, along with not having time. I like to spend as much time with Jake and the Boys as I can. I put on a bronzer and blush, a cream/gold eyeshadow and mascara. You can tell I have makeup on and that its natural and enhances my eyes and cheeks. Apparently she must be expecting drag queen makeup because nothing is making her happy.

I don't even feel like going on because I'm so frustrated and so fed up with everything. Everyone there and every policy is one big contradiction of what Corporate Policy and handbook says. I'm tired of working for companies that have shitty managers who aren't cut out for the jobs they are placed in. So I'm REALLY hoping that this job works out because I won't last long at my current place.

I just got sidetracked so I guess I'm done venting...wish me luck with the job interview, say a few prayers for us and check back in a few days for any new craziness :)

Monday, January 17, 2011

“Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand.”

We went to our second Hypnobirthing class yesterday. Jake said that one was a lot better because we covered a lot more important information and did less reading from the book.

We had some reading to do with each other, just stuff to read to the baby. I was sure I was going to cry but somehow kept it together. Rinzen told us that they had a "Blessing Way" for both of their kids. With their daughter they had everyone bring a rock of some kind and bless the baby in her belly. With their son everyone brought a special bead and did the same thing and she eventually made a necklace out of it that hangs in their room. I thought this was so neat and was trying to think of stuff I could do for Emery. I don't want to do a "blessing way" per se, but I want something special for him to have from everyone someday.

As I was laying in bed I realized what I could do. Books were always my outlet, I loved getting lost in a book. I'd hole up in bed and read, I'd sneak outside and hide somewhere to read, I'd read on the bus ride home from school, stay up late with a flash light reading and read out by the river/lake. I think I have such a crazy imagination because of all the reading I did. To this day I still want the library that the Beast gave Belle in The Beauty and the Beast. I want a huge library filled with books and it would be neat for Emery to have his own little library. I want him to have books to get lost in and be a reader like mama. I want him to read and know of other lands, to be creative, to have a good spelling and understanding and to have fun.

So, I'd like friends and family to get Emery a children's book. It can be a book you like the artwork in, a book your kids liked, a book you cherished as a kid, a book with deeper meaning or just a cute book you find. It doesn't have to be brand new, it can be used from your collection or one you find at a thrift store or a yard sale. Just a book that can read to him once he arrives in this world. I plan on reading to him everyday and hopefully the boys will as well. If you could write a little message in the cover, or on a post it to put it in there or even a letter I can save for him for when he's older I'd be ecstatic. 

In a bit the boys and I are going to Barnes and Noble to pick one out for him and going to write him a letter/draw a picture that I can save for him.

If anyone needs the address just message me and I'll share. I hope this will have a good turn out :)

p.s. the quote was Albert Einstein.

Also, we're trying to think of ways to incorporate the boys more with the baby. I try to show them pictures each week of what the baby looks like and what is developing. Each time we went to the store I'd point out the vegetable/fruit that related in size to the baby. We try to talk to him and I let the boys feel him whenever he's squirmy but we need something more. We don't have a room for the baby so they can't help decorate at this point, we're not really buying much for clothes so we need something more...any ideas would be appreciated!

Friday, January 14, 2011


Yesterday and the day before I noticed while shampooing my clients that my fingers really hurt. I just ignored it thinking maybe I needed to pop my knuckles. That didn't help. Yesterday I left work and it got worse. I could barely bend my fingers because they were so stiff and sore. I woke up this morning and I had little sausage fingers and had to take my rings off. I had to have Jake open my bottle of tea because I couldn't bend my fingers or grip it enough to open it. By 3pm it had gotten a little better, I tried to drink alot of water because that helps with swelling. 

I got to work today and I could barely cut hair. It hurts my entire hand to use my shears because my thumb is moving and shampooing is bad trying to use the right pressure and my fingers feel like they're on fire. I feel like I have arthritis. I never realized how arthritis felt to the people who have it and now I've had a little glimpse.

I'm not sure what to do about this. If it was so bad yesterday because I worked 8 hours and was busy or just from being pregnant. I know some women develop carpal tunnel because of the pressure of swelling on their nerves. I bought some Epsom salt for the bath and wonder if that will help.  I took a Tylenol today at work and it helped for about 2 hours but is now wearing off and hurts to type. I also don't want to be taking Tylenol everyday. It's safe for occasional use but I don't want to harm Emery in anyway. I'll suffer if needed, it just makes it really hard to be able to make it through a full day of work and being miserable the next morning.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

27 Weeks

Sunday marked 27 weeks. I can't believe next week is month 7. This pregnancy has flown by. I'm going to miss it I think, I really have enjoyed being pregnant. I am sooo anxious to meet my boy though. I can't wait to cuddle him and kiss his little cheeks.

We were really unsure about it being a boy, my mom was totally unconvinced and I was disappointed with the ultrasound when we had it. I mentioned at my doctor appointment yesterday that it was really unconvincing and we'd like to just have it confirmed. She said my insurance would never cover it and I'd have to pay out of pocket. I wasn't going to be swayed so I asked where I could go have one done and pay out of pocket. She said I could have it done there and told us to hold on while she checked the price with the tech. She came back in and said that the tech had a few minutes and she'd sneak us in just to take a peek. I was ecstatic. I had been praying every night that they'd be able to do that for us. She took the two minutes to confirm there was a little pee pee. He already has such a cute little round tummy and the cutest nose. She was totally unfriendly just like the last time but whatever, she wasn't charging us and I just wanted to know for sure. I felt a totally different connection with Emery just knowing for sure he was a boy. It was cemented that he was a boy, and he's mine and just secures our bond. 

His heart rate was 142. Bev, our nurse said he was playing around in there as it kept skipping out when she was checking him. Then again I had just drank my "Glu-cola". I wasn't a fan of Sprite or 7-Up to begin with and after lemon lime glu-cola I definitely won't want it for a long time. It was nowhere near as bad as I've heard, just was flat and not tasty. I'll find out my results in 2 weeks when we go back as I'm now far enough long that I'll be going every two weeks.

Our Hypnobirthing class was on Sunday. The instructors website said it was about 2 hours, could have said 2 and a half I'm not sure but it lasted 3 hours. I feel really confident about it, but its a little out of Jake's element. His imagination isn't even half of what mine is and he wasn't a fan of all the reading from the book. Considering I had read the entire book beforehand to make sure it was what I really wanted to do I know how important all the reading is. I'm glad that we're doing all the reading because it shows him exactly what I've learned and why I'm convinced its the route I want to take. We go through a chapter of "fears" and how it can affect your birthing and how we're going to work them. I guess we're going to share them and then let them go and we also have to get our significant other a small gift that fits in our palm and we'll each have a chance to go off and share it. I knew exactly what I was going to get. I think I already have it, but if not I know where to go. I'm going to end up crying like a baby lol.

We've bought Emery a couple outfits and it just makes me even more anxious. Today I went to Target and found an 18 month pea coat. It'll be too big for next winter I think but should be perfect the one after that. I think they're so cute and I'm not a fan of the big ugly poofy ones they have for babies and little kids. I also picked up my Beethoven cd. I imported it to my iPod and created him his own little playlist for his room and for when I'm driving. There is alot of music that I want him to know and also just some relaxing bedtime ones.

ALSO got my humidifier because I wake up so stuffy from all the hormones affecting my nose. It's normally not a problem but recently I'll wake up and my hand will be covered in slobber from having to breathe through my mouth and not my nose. GROSS. That's set up and running and we'll see what a difference it makes tonight if any. If not its ultimately for Emery when he's born but i'm using it until then as it is much needed.

I think i've rambled on enough for one post so i'll leave you with a couple 27 Week pictures. My franchise owner told me today "you're huge!" I'm like yea, these uniforms are totally unflattering with the stripes, thankfully they're vertical and I'm also a whole 5'4" so he can only grow out of my belly. My sister is a blessed 5'8" or 5'9" so Hadley had lotsa room under her ribs to grow before she started going out. I'm too short torso'ed so he can only go out. I don't mind, I love my belly. I don't feel huge and its a perfect size now and I know my precious cargo is tucked in there <3

Don't mind the potty, I can't edit it out on the camera like on my phone.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Today we went and opened Emery's savings account. They asked for his social and I said, "Oh, well he's not born yet." Their faces were confusion and then they leaned over the counter and looked at my belly. I was slightly amused. So for now it has to be in Jake and I's name and until he gets here and is a real, legal little American. 

I got a $25.00 bonus from work for Christmas and along with some tips I was able to put $50.00 in it right away. I can't wait to start saving him what I can. It's going to be set up so that he can't touch it until he's 21 and completes a 2 year college. I blew through my small savings when it could have really helped with other things. Live and learn I suppose. So I want him to be able to appreciate that he has a little nest egg and be mature enough to know what needs to be done with it. 

Jake feels bad because Emery will probably end up with a little more than Nathan and Ethan but they're already so much older and their mom doesn't care about using any money given to her for more than her partying. So it'll be just our family putting in for them where as Emery has Jake and I and my family. I hope the boys will just be appreciative that we opened one and got them started when they're older. We weren't able to set the boys up yet but we will once we get some other financial stuff taken care of. I just wanted Emery's set up ASAP so I could money set aside quickly. Sometimes my dad or grandparents will send a little check and that will all go towards Emery. We're hoping that with a decent interest rate that each of the boys will have around $10,000 by the time they're 21.

I hope that even when I'm not working and maybe working a job where I don't get tips that I can still save bits here and there, I don't want to just get a small deposit in there and then not touch it for a long time. I'd like to have at least one deposit a month. So as its starting 2011 I guess that will be my resolution, to always be able to put what I can in his account each month. Fingers crossed!