Tuesday, December 21, 2010


I've been feeling Emery kick from the outside. He's a stubborn one though and Jake always misses out. On Sunday Jake got to feel him for the first time. It was really subtle so we're waiting for a better kick from him. However, Nathan REALLY got to feel him. He was doing his crazy kickboxing and I told Nathan to come here and I put his hand on my belly and pushed in a little and Emery thumped him a good one a couple times. Nathan's eyes got so big and he smiled. I of course, got teary eyed and wanted to cry. It was just one of "those" moments for me. Its like he now believed there is really a little brother in there. I'm not sure if Ethan felt it or not, he may have felt a little one. 

Monday we went shopping and Ethan wasn't paying attention and bumped into me, I told him he needed to watch where he was going and he comes up to me and puts his little hand on my belly and says "feel bebe?" I didn't hear him the first time, I thought he was telling the baby sorry for bumping into us but he did it again a couple seconds later and I explained the baby was probably sleeping and not kicking right then. I'm glad that the boys are getting excited about it, its becoming so real. 

This week (24) the baby is the size of a papaya so at the store I pointed one out to the boys as I do with the fruit or vegetable it correlates to in size that week. It's like a little science project and I really enjoy it. I think it helps Nathan picture whats going on in there. I was surprised how big a papaya is and how big my little one is already. As I'm typing this Emery started kicking. It's so crazy to look down and see my belly move. It blows my mind how much I can love something that I've barely seen and never met. We have 16 weeks to go and I'm getting so anxious!

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