Tuesday, December 14, 2010

OB Appt + Random Stuff.

We had our OB appointment yesterday. My blood pressure was great like always. Emery's heartbeat was 144 and was so strong sounding. It amazes me every time I hear it how much more loud and strong it sounds. I hardly ever have questions for the doctor since I knew a lot to begin with and I read so much. I did ask when other people will start to feel him kicking and she said in the next 2-3 weeks probably. I can't wait for Jake and the boys to be able to feel him.

Next appointment is my glucose test. I'm going to be sooo sick. I can't stand super sugary things. Especially after not being able to eat anything all morning. We can't go any earlier than 10am because we have to drop Nathan off at school and then take Ethan to Grandma and Papa's house. I'll be starving to death and then puking up sugar water i'm sure. So. Not. Excited. After that appointment our appointments will be every 2 weeks. I can't believe we're almost there! Eeeeeh!

Sunday we went swimming and I was trying to do my water exercises I looked up online. One of them is to hold a kick board vertical in front of you submerged and to walk. It has way more resistance than I thought it would. Jake was swimming around with Ethan and we squished him between us. I said "boom you crashed" and Ethan goes "noo, baby sleeping!" He's slowly catching onto the baby idea and its the cutest thing.

We asked if we could take a tour of the birthing areas and she said to try to schedule for Sunday's as there are more nurses and they don't schedule inductions or c-sections on Sunday's. I can't wait to check it out so that I can start picturing how things will be in my head. I'm SO anxious to start our Hypnobirthing classes.

I've had a hard time with eating. I usually eat pretty well, not a lot of junk food or anything. I try to get a lot of protein so I hopefully don't get migraines but one day we were so busy that I had fast food twice that day. I felt soooo bad I cried that night and was stressing about my weight gain. So I told Shelley I didn't want to know HOW much I weigh, just how much I've gained overall. She told me 10 pounds so that was a huge relief. I don't feel as if I've gained more than that, I'm all boobs and belly. I haven't noticed anything besides those two areas getting bigger. I just have to keep in mind to eat better the next day if I eat crappy the day before. I eat a lot of salads and veggies and since the boys all love fruit I eat a lot of that too. I just need to remember to eat something like that when I'm craving something crap.

After the appointment we finished our Christmas shopping for the boys. The two things I'm the most excited for are Nathan's "Creationary" game. You apparently roll the LEGO® Dice to select one of four exciting building categories: vehicles, buildings, nature or things and draw a card and whatever the picture is on the card you have to use Lego's to build it and the other people have to guess.

A game Nathan I picked out for Ethan is a Play-Doh game. You have to create a figure and get your way around the board on a conveyor type belt. Your opponent can squash your figure at some point and put you in a recycle box and how the rest goes I won't know till we get to play. I love me some Play-Doh so I'm pretty excited for this game. Plus if anything happens to the Play-Doh I can make the homemade stuff :)

I think that's about it. I haven't hit the stage of pregnancy where I can only eat a few bites, I'm hungrier than every lately so I'm off to find some snack.

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