Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Need to remember...

All the funny things that the boys do. They don't have baby books to keep track of all this like we will for Emery so I have to put it down here.

The little things they say and do, Ethan more so than his brother but it still cannot be forgotten.

I love the way he calls pop tarts pop-arts and toaster strudels toaster-trudels.
Brother is brudder.
They way that most days he has such amazing manners. He always says please and thank you and has recently caught on to you're welcome.
He loves to tell everyone good job or nice job, sometimes over the silliest things like Jake giving me a kiss. "Good job daddy."
This morning leaving for work I gave him a kiss and went to give Jake one and Ethan piped up that I hadn't given brudder a kiss. We laughed and I asked Nathan if he wanted a kiss and he said no. I usually don't give him a hug or a kiss because I know he might get embarassed. The few times he's wanted on he gives me one, but I always tell him bye and love you.
The way he calls his helicopter the helicopper.
Fall down, go boom, ow.
The way he looks at me when I've told him to quiet down and he's hammering away on a truck wheel and stops to tell me "I make a noise Kayda."

I'll have to keep updating this as we go and as I remember things, but I want a way to look back and show him someday how silly he is and how blessed we are to have him make our days so much brighter.

Nathan was making meatballs for our spaghetti Sunday evening and Ethan walks up and asks if he can make a snowman.

1.10.11 I'm putting on makeup in the bathroom. Ethan walks in and asks what it is. I explain its makeup. He said something and I told him its for girls and not for boys. He said "I'm not a boy." I asked if he had a penis and he said yes. I told him boys have penis' so he is a boy. He then proceeds to say "daddy is a boy? He has a big giant penis." I cracked up laughing, couldn't help it. He's so funny. I always wonder how he interprets things he see's, how any kids or babies see the world around them. It's just funny that since he's little everything daddy has is big or huge.

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