Wednesday, December 8, 2010


I called a lady I found on the website about Hypnobirthing. Since Jake only has Sunday's and Monday's off I was trying to find a class that was on a Monday. I highly doubted that we'd find one who had any on Sunday's. A few emails later she responded that Sunday's at 5 are a possibility. I emailed back as soon as I ran it by Jake and here we are. Our classes will be Sunday's starting January 9th and I'm so excited. I'm glad that even though this costs $250.00 that its what I want to do and that Jake is supportive of it. 

For those who are curious Hypnobirthing basically just teaches you relaxation techniques and goes in depth on how the body births naturally. In places like America we're so used to hearing horror stories and expecting pain that we fight what our bodies are naturally made to do. People in other countries usually have uncomplicated births with no pains because they don't tense up and stop their body from doing what its made to. Your body naturally produces endorphins when you work with it and that in turn overpowers any pain. Most people clench up and fight contractions rather than breathing through them. When you're not relaxed your body can't open and when you forcefully push your child out of areas that aren't relaxed you're bound to feel pain. Your body will let you know when its ready and will do what it was created to do.

Inducing is forcing your body into a labor its not ready for yet. I'm not against inducing if its a medical emergency and needs to be done. So many mothers do it just because they're tired of being pregnant or they want the baby born on a certain day. They missed the memo where becoming a parent is putting your child's needs above your own. Your baby NEEDS to stay in there as long as it takes to fully develop and prepare for its journey into the world. So many times inducing leads to c-sections because you end up as "failure to progress" because your body isn't fully prepared for this labor. It should happen on its own time.

I'm also not against the use of medication. Some people just aren't mentally prepared, have a high pain tolerance or know what to expect. Some people I suppose actually need medication. I personally don't want to be drugged out of my mind. I want to be sanely sober and experience what God created me to do. I want to feel my body working as it should as it brings a life into the world and I want to experience every emotion that comes with welcoming your child into another world than its known. I want my baby to come out and react the way nature intends him to, not differently because he was affected by any drugs.

I'm thinking positive that these classes will pay off and that I can give birth naturally. I'm going to avoid all thoughts that I can't do it and that I'll need medication. I don't want to hear people's horror stories, every birth is different. It may come down to a point where I need medication and if that's the case I'll take what I need as I need it, but until them I'm going to fight like hell to do it my way. After all that's what I've been doing most of my life.

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