Friday, November 19, 2010


Yesterday Jake signed up himself and the boys at the YMCA. I already had a membership and was paying for it every month but never going because I'm either working or I want the quality time with the boys. Now that winter is here our outdoor activities are severely limited. We can only do so many crafts and I need to the exercise being pregnant. I don't want to gain too much, as I've already spent 3 weeks nibbling on Halloween candy and my pecan pie. After the pie is gone I'm back to making sure I just eat healthy stuff. I don't want a huge baby and I don't want to develop gestational diabetes.

So today we got Ethan, ate breakfast and headed off to the Y. We played around in the shallow area for a LONG time. He was having a good day because he started off with me. He trusts me enough to jump right at me and know that I'll catch him. We did that over and over and floated around. Every time Jake or I would float he'd rush over and pull our heads out of the water. "I help you." We were quite impressed that he knows what needs to be done. He biffed it a few times and went under. The first time he really panicked and started crying. I told him to just wipe his eyes, it's just like bath time and its just water. He seemed like he was going to be scared to get back in so I told him to watch and I went under the water. He laughed and realized it wasn't so bad. By the third time he went under he didn't fuss at all. He came up looking shocked but just shook it off and continued on. He's such a smart little thing. Hopefully after a few more trips to the pool he'll really be confident and try floating around with us. Nathan will be ecstatic to go on Sunday. The kid is like I am, he LOVES water. He's going to be excited that he doesn't have to wear a life jacket though he's going to be really bummed that he can't use the hot tub. You have to be 15+. Jake and I went in and we let Ethan sit on the side and just put his feet in, not even his legs just his feet and the lifeguard came rushing over and told us that's not allowed. Man, a 2.5 year old just may die of heat exhaustion from his feet being in a hot tub for the 5 minutes I'm allowed. Whatever though, I'm sure he was just doing his job so we just got back in the pool.

I then spent 5 minutes in the hot tub as my doctor gave the ok on 5 minutes. It was sooo nice to have the hard jets pulsing against my lower back and my feet. Ahhhhhh. I never wanted to get out.

I also got the first 'are you pregnant' today. Except he was probably 4 and phrased it 'is there a baby in your belly?' I told him yes and he asked 'why?' I explained he had to stay there and grow a little bigger and he informed me babies don't grow in tummies. They grow outside. As interesting as that may be I need Emery to stay inside for another 3 months and grow big in his swimming pool. Then he can go swimming with his brothers and mommy won't have a meltdown :)

Tomorrow I get to watch Jake's little nephew Gavin for a couple hours before work. He is the cutest little thing, I can't even wait. So its most definitely bed time for me. Somehow I stayed up until 11:30pm last night when I'm usually passed out before 9:30. I've been paying for it allllll day.

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