Thursday, November 11, 2010

Told You So!

I woke up this morning prepared for our visit to a lawyer, Nathan's appointment afterwards and all the other running around we had to do. I also had to work 3-8. I noticed when I woke up that I had a missed call from a local number so I checked the voice mail and it was Urgent Care calling and to call them back. I call them back and they proceed to tell me that I have strep throat. I told the doctor it was that or a sinus infection. For some reason they didn't want to listen. I can usually be a trooper when it comes to getting sick and don't go to the doctor until I have to, but being pregnant the last thing I want is to be waiting out a week and passing any sort of infection onto the baby. You'd think they'd take you a little more seriously when you're looking out for the interest of the baby, its not like I'm just looking for drugs to dope on. Pregnant women also have a lower immunity to keep from harming the baby so we get sicker easier and quicker. Whatever though. I had another run around with the pharmacy and had to take it to the one that my insurance works directly through. Finally got my medicine and made sure it was safe for the baby. They didn't think it would cause any allergic reactions in the baby. Some babies develop allergies to medications their parents took while pregnant so that's something we'll have to look for once "it's" born and when the time comes that "it" any antibiotics. Hopefully breast feeding will keep our little one very healthy for a long time :)

Ethan was still stuffy this morning and I could tell his tonsils were swollen from his talking so I'm sure I caught it from him even though they said he didn't have strep either. So tomorrow we probably have to take him back to the doctor to have a culture done since his "mother" won't make the time to take him. On top of that Ethan gives kisses on the mouth so between myself and Ethan I'm sure Jake will have it. At least we all can get it within a short amount of time and get it over with. I've been running around wiping everything down with Lysol wipes and sprayed down all of Ethan's toys with a disinfectant. We definitely are going to be working on kisses on the cheek and not the mouth. With as often as those boys are sick Jake, myself and the baby cannot afford being sick all the time. 

I called into work as soon as I found out at 8:30am that I was contagious and not able to work today. My manager of course didn't answer her phone or the stores and never returned my call. So I called back 2 hours ago to make sure she got it and knew that I wouldn't be in and to see if she wanted me to find coverage. I offered yesterday to work Saturday for whoever filled in for me yesterday and she told me no all snotty. Today she told me they were busy and she didn't call me back. I asked if she wanted me to find coverage and she immediately gets attitude that "NO I'll stay and work ALL DAY again." I wanted to bite her head off back but instead I said that I was sorry and thank you for covering. Then she asked all bitchy if I was working Saturday then and I said yes I will and what time to be there. It irritates me that she gets all this attitude with me all the time. I have a doctors note and I've offered to work on my day off to cover that. She acts like I call in allll the time and have never covered for anyone else. Sure, its an inconvenience but she can either have one person out sick or I can go in to work, infect everyone else and then she's having to help cover 3 weeks worth of work because the other 6 girls got sick. Why be a manager if you're gonna be a wench about having to cover. That's what managers have to do when stuff like this comes up. Her attitude makes it SO hard to have any drive to go back to work tomorrow when she's gonna have attitude and she's the one I have to close with. But what can I do?

grant me the serenity
to accept the things I cannot change;

courage to change the things I can;
and wisdom to know the difference

P.S. 6 days until we have a gender and I won't have to call my baby "It". Weeeee :D


  1. I know work can just suck!

  2. I know work can just suck!