Thursday, November 18, 2010

The spoiling begins.

One day after we find out we're having a boy I'm already getting crafty. I've discovered this owl obsession. I love crafty unique things. Etsy is always a favorite play to look around and "ooh" and "ahh" over the things I'll never splurge on for myself. Unfortunately nothing that poked my creative side. However...

There was an adorable stuffed owl toy in one of the pregnancy magazines in the doctors office that inspired me. I got online and searched around for something similar to make and found this little guy. 

He came complete with a pattern. You can find him at oh-oh the owl

Today we went to Joann's Fabric and picked out fabrics. He also has felt for his eyes and feathers so we had to find that. We ended up with.... 

The paisley type print is going to be his front and the yellow will be for the back and bottom. He's going to have brown "hair" feathers. Green eyes with big black buttons that Jake picked out and brown, light brown and an orange feather on his chest. I think he's going to be pretty cute. I also want to find some lavender satchels or something that I can put inside him so he smells good and will be good for the baby to snuggle with when he gets older. I didn't quite realize how big the pattern really was so Emery won't be packing him around for quite a while. He's a good 14" or so inches tall I believe it said.

Secondly, I've always wanted to make a quilt. I love quilts and wish I had my own growing up. So I'm making the baby a quilt. I have to keep it simple for my first one but I'm so ready. I want the colors to somewhat match but I wanted different patterns to make it neater looking. My definition of neater being funkier not cleaner and precise. Jake and I looked for a good hour at fabrics I'm sure. I'm so glad he likes crafty stuff and always has ideas. (And he can get my sewing machine set up and everything) I gave up on trying to find an owl fabric and suddenly there he was with and it was PERFECT! So this is what we have....

The stripes are going to be the edging and the entire back piece. I'm going to alternate the owl's every other square. 

So Dark Brown, Owl, Light Brown, Owl, Dark Brown
Owl, Light Brown, Owl, Dark Brown, Owl
Light Brown, Owl, Dark Brown, Owl, Light Brown 
etc etc.

So the squares will moving down and to the left one piece. I think we decided the quilt is going to be 3' Wide by 4' Long. I hope it turns out alright. The whole point is it will be original and unique and mostly made with love. Hopefully it'll last a long time and can be passed down. 

Lastly....Daddy practicing with my sewing machine.

That's it for my crafty-ness as of right now. I'm exhausted. Probably because somehow Jake set his alarm for 7am instead of 8am and we never paid attention. We had no idea what time it was until we went to pick up the boys and she told Jake it was only 8 and he's not getting them until 9. BLAH. We are so tired and he has another hour and a half left of work. I'm gonna go waddle myself into my cozy bed and pass the heck out. Lucky me, poor him.


  1. What kind of machine do you have??! I want an owl!!! lol

  2. I have an old Singer machine that my mom got at a yard sale for 5 bucks. I had to invest in it a bit by buying a foot pedal and a powder cord and manual but its been worth it so far!