Friday, November 26, 2010

Prenatal Pilates

Whew boy. My abs are tender. I overall enjoyed the workout and apparently Emery does as well. He's kicking away in there. I'm only 20 weeks along and already some of his jabs are taking my breath away. Last night he got a few "oh!'s" out of me.

The work outs are pretty fast paced. She almost added too many moves into one on a couple of them. I couldn't keep up on those 2 so I did what I could of them. I don't want to overdo it the first time. 20 minutes was up when it only seemed like 5. I like that they're 10 minutes each so they keep you engaged without getting bored.

I tried the Standing Pilates and they need dumbbells but since I don't have any I just used two cans of corn. HAHA. Tomorrow I need to get a belly band so I'll just pick up the weights while we are out. I also did the core Pilates and those were pretty good. Definitely works on your belly muscles.

I only am doing the 2 sets tonight so I'm not overdoing it plus I've been fighting a headache all day and I don't want too much blood pressure turning it into a migraine...and I really want a bubble bath and to read on my Hypnobirthing book. I'm off to my bath now.

P.S. When did your significant other start being able to feel the baby kick from the outside? I SWEAR I felt him kick when I pressed in with my hand. It was much stronger than when I can feel my pulse if I press in. Jake is getting anxious to feel the baby and with as hard as he's goofing off in there I figure it should be sometime shortly. *fingers crossed*

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