Saturday, November 27, 2010

My Slice of Heaven + 20W6D

My favorite body wash is Johnson and Johnson Lavender and Chamomile "Melt Away Stress". 

I used to get it at Walmart and suddenly I couldn't find it anymore. Target didn't have it either. I went into panic mode thinking it was discontinued. The stuff is soooo heavenly. Last night after my bath I realized "OMFG I'm officially out of the best stuff on earth and I can't find it anywhere." *cue frantic online searching* Thankfully it's still in production just not sold at Walmart or Target for some reason. I almost ordered it online for $6.49 when I decided I'd check 2 for $8.98. HECK YES! 

So this morning we run off to Motherhood Maternity to get me a belly band. It seems too stretchy, my sisters seems to be more of a thick stretchy fabric where as mine is Lycra or something thin and stretchy. I may have to check out Target's to see how theirs feels. After that we found daddy a beanie for work so his head and ears aren't being frostbitten in this cold weather when he has road calls and has to go fix a bus. Then we finally went to Walgreen's and I purchased my slice of heaven in a bottle. I highly suggest you all try it. It's not overwhelming at all and makes you want to stay in the bath forever. I'm off to a bath now and I'm going to splurge and go for extra bubbles just because I have a 2nd back up bottle. Whoop!

Baby Bump at 20W6D (with belly band) don't mind the back fat haha.


  1. Let me know if this works! Commentcommentcommentcommennnnnnnnnnnnt!

  2. ...Damn. What is going on with my blog!?

  3. ...Damn. What is going on with my blog!?