Tuesday, November 23, 2010


I'm officially halfway there. 3 Days ago anyway. Not a lot has been happening around here. Just laying low with the boys while they were here. 

We have a ton of snow dumped on us so I'm staying in today since Jake went to work. I ordered some Bio Oil and some Palmer's Cocoa Butter. My belly itches but I'm sure its due to dry skin and weather. Either way I'm going to try to do this regularly just as some prevention. I also read that the amniotic fluid is replenished 3 times a day. I feel sooo guilty for not drinking all the water I need to be so I've been trying really hard to make sure I'm drinking enough. That way baby is being cared for, my chapped lips and headaches go away and hopefully help hold off stretch marks for awhile.

Emery has been a complete turkey lately. I've felt him all over which is exciting. Last night I had a bite size snickers and he was going crazy after that! I always wonder what he's doing in there and how he's laying and such. I've gotten to the point where I lay in bed in the morning and wonder what he's gonna look like and how he is going to act. I mostly can't wait to just touch all his little toes and his little fingers with dimples and his adorable little ears. Ohhh how I love babies, its so much more intense when its your own though.

I've made progress on his quilt. It's not perfect but I think its cute. I only have about 3 more rows to sew together and then hopefully tomorrow Jake and I are going to work on the borders. The cream squares are a thin fabric so we decided to get a really thin layer of fill to put in between the layers. I can't wait to bring him home all bundled up in it.

No luck on finding any owl theme bedding. The one I wanted is $360. Uhhh no way. I tried Amazon and couldn't find it for any less than $250.00. Maybe I'll get just the sheets and get some plain colored bumpers. We have so many expenses that are coming up that I'm not really worried about a bedding set. I don't want to spend a fortune so I may just put some pieces together and call it good.


  1. Piece are the best way to go. Think of all the things that come in a bedding set that you can't really use! You have this wonderful set and all that you end up using is the crib sheet. Bumpers, pillows, and quilts aren't safe right away, some people worry that mobiles will fall on their heads.

    Hope you have a great turkey day!

  2. I have bought a package of 2 Bio Oil at Costco for $19 (Can). Well worth it considering it was a pack of a small and big bottle. The price of the 2 was about the same as what I paid for just the small one. You should look into it ;)

  3. Thanks I'll keep that in mind. Unfortunately we don't have a costco card so I'll have to wait to go with my mom. Have you noticed it making a difference or helping you at all?

  4. Well, it helps with the itching of the dry skin and you can apply it before going to your follow-up visits as it doesn't interfere with the Doppler monitoring (some lotions create static with the Doppler), but I still have some stretch marks that appeared about 2 weeks ago on my belly (even though I slathered twice a day) and have had some on my breast for a few months now. So take some and leave some. But the itch-relief was good enough for me! Hope this helps! :)