Tuesday, October 26, 2010

First Belly Picture

I was chubby to begin with so I've spent weeks just looking even more chubby and not very pregnant. I'm at the point where there is definitely NO sucking it in. It's there no matter what I do so I took my first belly picture. I should definitely pop more in the next month.

We had our doctor appointment yesterday. Heartbeat was 150. I'm definitely on the fence as to what the baby is. My dream last night they again couldn't figure out what it was but said that the baby was really long so it'll be tall like daddy so it has to be a boy. I can't tell if this is a sign its a boy or that when we have our ultrasound they won't be able to tell. Ha. I also was dreaming that I felt the baby moving. I'm SO anxious to feel it.

The doctor felt my tummy which I guess she was measuring the fundus. How big your uterus is for those that don't know. I was at 16wks. Shelley (midwife) said that each week it will grow 1cm which is the width of a fingertip. By 20 weeks it'll be at my belly button.

We have 22 days until we find out what the little one is. November 17th is the big day. My sister is due November 15th. So shortly after we'll be able to find out if Kassie gets to pass me all her adorable girly clothes or if I get to spend a fortune buying cute boys clothes. WHY must girl clothes be so much cuter?!

My friend Beth is coming to town tomorrow. We're getting together Friday for lunch and pedicures. I need a pedicure SO bad. It'll be nice to get my feet rubbed. I'm sure that will be the one thing Jake will refuse to do since he hates feet lol.

I've been trying to look for a different job. I'm so fed up with the crap at work that I don't even look forward to going anymore. I have requested to have Sunday's off. We have a full staff of stylists so there are plenty to work that day. Sunday is the ONE day that I get to spend time with Nathan. When we have Ethan during the week for our 4hrs it's during the day when Nathan is in school so we get no time with him. Monday's that I have off he is in school so that severely limits what activities we can do in the couple hours after school before dinner and bedtime.With everything he deals with at his mom's house I want to have that one day to spend with him and be a positive influence in his life. My manager said she won't give me them off and when I explained that it was our only day together as a family she said "well I'm a single mom too so I don't get to see my kids when I work." I wanted to smack her. Her children live with her she gets to see her kids at night and put them to bed EVERY night. She has absolutely no idea. I was so frustrated when she replied with that crap that I could have told her I was done. Instead its time to just bide my time and make some paychecks while I look for other things. I want to booth rent but then I don't know what I'll do with clients when I take maternity leave and how I'll pay for that months rent. So I'm looking into CPR and First Aid classes so I can hopefully look into daycare's or preschool's.

That's enough of that though. I need to go clean out boxes from my storage shed and try my new pregnant Pilate's DVD. Hopefully I'll enjoy it.


  1. Just be careful when you get your feet rubbed at the pedicure as there is a certain spot between your sole and your malleolar (the spot where your ankle bone sticks out on the side of your feet) that should NOT be massaged as the acupressure could induce pre-term labour. Just thought I'd put it out there for you to be aware of... Keep that little bun safe in the oven! ;)

  2. Thanks so much! Thankfully I went to nail school and my family does reflexology so I learned that. I was always soooo nervous giving pregnant women massages because I didn't want to put them into labor haha. Baby has got a long time to cook before I purposely go in for a pedicure to get that rubbed on :P