Thursday, September 9, 2010


So far I've had TWO days of no morning sickness. Today being one of them. I wonder if its all the rest? Today is my third day off this week, its been SO wonderful to be able to relax a little bit compared to last week where I worked over 40 hours and was dead on my feet. Though this week I've been pretty emotional and off in my own little land.

I can no longer forget a prenatal vitamin in the morning because then I take it at night which leads to WHACK dreams. They're crazy to begin with but with that vitamin at night I'm in a dream hell. I've already had two about affairs, which makes me soooo emotional and heartbroken in my dream that I wake up so mad, upset and disoriented until I realize it was all in my dream. Some have also been pretty gory and vivid. Where are all the cute dreams about my baby and what not? Why do I have to be killing mountain lions the size of sharks with shovels? Its COOKY! I just want a few nights of great sleep with no insane dreams. I have how many months ahead of me where I'll be too uncomfortable to sleep?!? I need to get what I can while I still have the chance!

I have a friend who is doing an apprenticeship with this AMAZING salon and needed a model for a shampoo/style. Of course I'm so frustrated with my hair that I offered. My hair is curly, wavy and straight all in different areas. I also have enough hair for 10 people, it is ungodly thick. Until you get your hands in it you'd never guess. So when I blow dry it, its frizzy so it must be flat ironed, which then takes another 45 minutes. So I end up spending about an hour and 15 minutes to do my hair, all so that it lasts 3 MAYBE 4 days if I'm lucky and if my dry shampoo is deciding to be my friend that week. With all the morning sickness and being tired along with having the boys 3 days out of the week and Ethan another 2 I don't have time nor do I feel like it. So the hair goes up in a pony tail and I look frumpy and gross and don't feel attractive whatsoever. Of course I also have a boyfriend who has no idea about what girls want to hear nor does he speak it if he does. So I have another 7 months to feel frumpy and unattractive without being told otherwise. So once I had the opportunity to go get pampered for a couple hours, I jumped. It was sooo amazing to get my hair shampooed and massaged, then get a scalp massage, and then someone spend an hour and a half playing with my hair and making me feel gorgeous. I walked out feeling completely like a new woman. I feel refreshed and ready to battle the next couple weeks.

Which in those next couple weeks I have a big surprise planned. I've been getting myself psyched for it, and changing up ideas. I'm still not quite set on what the final plan is, but I'll definitely share when I do know and it happens. Any ideas as to what it is??? :D


  1. No! your not getting a dog!! jake said No!
    There is my guess.......Love Mom.

  2. Nope, that's not the surprise. He refuses to let me get a puggy, so no adopting Chaaaahlie, though I tried :)