Friday, September 17, 2010

I'd hate to jinx myself, but...

I think my morning sickness is on its way out the door. I hope the door hits it on the way out. I wake up starving some mornings but I can usually eat whatever sounds good and then brush my teeth and I'm fine. There cannot be any dental care before breakfast or no breakfast will be had. Throughout the day no food sounds good, but I think that just may be that all the hormones slow down your digestive system so you don't get hungry for longer. But man, when I do get hungry, I'm ravenous and I could eat an elephant and then other days I won't eat much at all. Pregnancy is so weird so far. I'm just so glad that I'm no longer nauseous ALL day. Though that's been overtaken by exhaustion. I wish I had the ability to nap but my mind races about the boys, the baby, moving etc.

Last night though, I did dream I had a girl. She was like 4 months though, but she was the cutest thing. I'm almost positive we'll have a boy but I want a girl so badly that I dream its a girl. Maybe I'll lay off on the wishful thinking and start paying attention to my body. I've always been the intuitive type so maybe it'll work in my favor being pregnant.

Today I cut Jake's sister in laws hair (Vanessa). She just had her baby a month ago and he's so cute. I have this ability to make any baby fall asleep it seems. I've got the right motion to my rocking/swaying. She said he wouldn't sleep all day. After I cut his hair I stole him from Jake, who let me tell you absolutely melted my heart when I was watching him with the baby. I can't fathom what my heart is gonna feel like when I see him touching and cuddling our own. Anyway I held little Gavin and in 2 minutes he was passed out. Unfortunately we had to leave because Ethan was CRAAAAANKY to the 1334976th degree and I was afraid his fit throwing would wake him, so into the bassinet he went sound asleep. Tomorrow when I get together with Vanessa and Jake's sister Jessica I'll be able to find out if he slept for awhile or a little cat nap. Gotta check my skills for ours, though it'll be just my luck my kid will be the one baby I cannot get to sleep. Anyway we're getting together to scrapbook. SO EXCITED! I haven't been able to be crafty or put my photography skills to work for a long time. It'll be fun to have some "mom time" and get to know his sister in law a little more. Ok, really... I wanna hog the baby most of all. But shhhhh. :D

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  1. You will be an amazing mother!! You can feel free to come visit and help me get Lucas back on a sleeping schedule lol You and Mike had the ability to make Addison just pass out right in your arms! The dreams will get crazier and more vivid! I had a dream about Caleb before he was born and I could see his face and everything... At that time we didn't know what I was having but I knew it was a boy. I think you just kinda know what your having sometimes, I knew with almost all mine, except Lucas, he kinda stumped me at first ;]