Thursday, September 30, 2010

Appt with New Midwife.

Today we had our first appointment at my new doctors office. I can tell already that I'm REALLY going to like my new midwife. She is so friendly and seems to be very understanding.

We unfortunately didn't get an ultrasound. I was really hoping we would. The next one will be at 19 weeks and we'll find out the sex. We're both really rooting for a girl. 
The heartbeat was in the 150's. Its so much lower than the 174 it was at 8 weeks. I hope that next appointment its higher, which usually means a girl. If it stays around 150 or lower I'll definitely be thinking its a boy.

We decided to pass on any testing. I really feel as if we'll have a normal healthy baby. We are low risk so I don't think is any reason to put myself through the stress to have those done. We would love our child whether they are healthy or have a birth defect. 

I've also lost weight since my first appointment which makes sense since I had morning sickness and didn't ever want to eat. Even with my weight being heavier before I got pregnant I'm still falling below my weight percentile. Which is good, means I'm not gaining yet and not quickly and when I do I'll have some room before they would have to get on me about it. The doctor is aiming for 15 lbs for the pregnancy but said that up to 25 would be fine. The less I put on is less I have to try to fight with after I have the baby. 

The doctor told me to get some exercise in so that it helps with stamina during labor and will keep us from having a big baby. Thankfully work scheduled me some ok shifts next week so I can get in a little time on the treadmill. I wish Jake would hurry up and sign up so he could go with me. I have a hard time not spending time with him when we can because of our work schedules and then when we have the boys. It's nice to just cuddle on the couch and watch some tv for a little bit. If I can fit in 3 or 4 days of 30 minutes of cardio then I'll be fine she said. She told me she won't nag at me because she knows how much women hate being weighed and judged for that. She said she gained 60lbs with her first baby. Its nice to have someone there who understands. She also gave me a referral for a website that gives lots of info on activities around our area for women and pregnant women and recommending yoga. I told her I've been looking into getting a pregnant yoga dvd but haven't been able to find any. She said that would be a great thing to look into so I'll have to hit up amazon here in the next couple days and see what I can't find.

I think that's all I need to cover for now. Next baby appointment is October 25th. Then 2-3 weeks after that we get to find out what our little one is. We're SO anxious!

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