Thursday, September 30, 2010

Appt with New Midwife.

Today we had our first appointment at my new doctors office. I can tell already that I'm REALLY going to like my new midwife. She is so friendly and seems to be very understanding.

We unfortunately didn't get an ultrasound. I was really hoping we would. The next one will be at 19 weeks and we'll find out the sex. We're both really rooting for a girl. 
The heartbeat was in the 150's. Its so much lower than the 174 it was at 8 weeks. I hope that next appointment its higher, which usually means a girl. If it stays around 150 or lower I'll definitely be thinking its a boy.

We decided to pass on any testing. I really feel as if we'll have a normal healthy baby. We are low risk so I don't think is any reason to put myself through the stress to have those done. We would love our child whether they are healthy or have a birth defect. 

I've also lost weight since my first appointment which makes sense since I had morning sickness and didn't ever want to eat. Even with my weight being heavier before I got pregnant I'm still falling below my weight percentile. Which is good, means I'm not gaining yet and not quickly and when I do I'll have some room before they would have to get on me about it. The doctor is aiming for 15 lbs for the pregnancy but said that up to 25 would be fine. The less I put on is less I have to try to fight with after I have the baby. 

The doctor told me to get some exercise in so that it helps with stamina during labor and will keep us from having a big baby. Thankfully work scheduled me some ok shifts next week so I can get in a little time on the treadmill. I wish Jake would hurry up and sign up so he could go with me. I have a hard time not spending time with him when we can because of our work schedules and then when we have the boys. It's nice to just cuddle on the couch and watch some tv for a little bit. If I can fit in 3 or 4 days of 30 minutes of cardio then I'll be fine she said. She told me she won't nag at me because she knows how much women hate being weighed and judged for that. She said she gained 60lbs with her first baby. Its nice to have someone there who understands. She also gave me a referral for a website that gives lots of info on activities around our area for women and pregnant women and recommending yoga. I told her I've been looking into getting a pregnant yoga dvd but haven't been able to find any. She said that would be a great thing to look into so I'll have to hit up amazon here in the next couple days and see what I can't find.

I think that's all I need to cover for now. Next baby appointment is October 25th. Then 2-3 weeks after that we get to find out what our little one is. We're SO anxious!

Friday, September 17, 2010

I'd hate to jinx myself, but...

I think my morning sickness is on its way out the door. I hope the door hits it on the way out. I wake up starving some mornings but I can usually eat whatever sounds good and then brush my teeth and I'm fine. There cannot be any dental care before breakfast or no breakfast will be had. Throughout the day no food sounds good, but I think that just may be that all the hormones slow down your digestive system so you don't get hungry for longer. But man, when I do get hungry, I'm ravenous and I could eat an elephant and then other days I won't eat much at all. Pregnancy is so weird so far. I'm just so glad that I'm no longer nauseous ALL day. Though that's been overtaken by exhaustion. I wish I had the ability to nap but my mind races about the boys, the baby, moving etc.

Last night though, I did dream I had a girl. She was like 4 months though, but she was the cutest thing. I'm almost positive we'll have a boy but I want a girl so badly that I dream its a girl. Maybe I'll lay off on the wishful thinking and start paying attention to my body. I've always been the intuitive type so maybe it'll work in my favor being pregnant.

Today I cut Jake's sister in laws hair (Vanessa). She just had her baby a month ago and he's so cute. I have this ability to make any baby fall asleep it seems. I've got the right motion to my rocking/swaying. She said he wouldn't sleep all day. After I cut his hair I stole him from Jake, who let me tell you absolutely melted my heart when I was watching him with the baby. I can't fathom what my heart is gonna feel like when I see him touching and cuddling our own. Anyway I held little Gavin and in 2 minutes he was passed out. Unfortunately we had to leave because Ethan was CRAAAAANKY to the 1334976th degree and I was afraid his fit throwing would wake him, so into the bassinet he went sound asleep. Tomorrow when I get together with Vanessa and Jake's sister Jessica I'll be able to find out if he slept for awhile or a little cat nap. Gotta check my skills for ours, though it'll be just my luck my kid will be the one baby I cannot get to sleep. Anyway we're getting together to scrapbook. SO EXCITED! I haven't been able to be crafty or put my photography skills to work for a long time. It'll be fun to have some "mom time" and get to know his sister in law a little more. Ok, really... I wanna hog the baby most of all. But shhhhh. :D

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Ultrasound/Test Results.

I had been waiting around for days for the doctor call. I had a few calls but I hate "unknown" numbers. They've released cell phone numbers so now telemarketers can call your cell phone. So usually if its not a number saved in my phone I don't answer it. With all this baby brain I never thought once that the "unknown number" was the doctors office. I finally checked my voicemail, I despise taking the time it takes to listen to the whole spiel "You have one new message. New message:..... Press 1 to replay, Press 7 to delete, Press 9 to save" BLAH BLAH BLAH. Such a waste of my time so I only check it a couple times a week. 3 of the 5 voice mails were the doctor. I had to end up waiting until Monday to call them back, all while silently having a panic attack about my blood work and that it'd be just my luck that they messed up my results with someone else and tell me that I have HIV. Thank you Grey's Anatomy for always making me think of the worst possible scenario.

ANYWAY, this is where baby brain gets you....RAMBLING.

I called the doctors office and they told me that my results were all normal and the ultrasound was good AND that my new due date is April 10th, 2011. I had the ultrasound on the first day of Week 8 and she told us that the baby was measuring about 8W3D but the doctor would decide. So now my week changes on Sunday's instead of Wednesdays. So as of Sunday I was 10 weeks. It blows my mind that its been 6 weeks since we found out.

So far this pregnancy has NOT been fun. I throw up every time I brush my teeth in the morning, I'm exhausted all of the time yet I cant sleep past 8:30, no food EVER sounds good until I'm starving and then I never know what to eat, I'm nauseous almost all day though that is finally starting to get a little better, my used to be almost flawless skin is now breaking out which drives me CRAZY. I'm ready to welcome the 2nd trimester where I'm not nauseous I hope, where the exhaustion calms down and mostly when I can start feeling the baby. It'll all seem worth it and more real when I know that someone is in there, not just some bug that is making me sick and miserable.

I asked for some recommendations on OB's in the area. I want a doctor to deliver my baby at Sacred Heart who I've met and seen numerous times. My current midwife switches between 5 others at Deaconess. I want someone I see more than once, not meet them once and have them deliver my baby because my regular midwife is on vacation in Cancun or some nonsense. So a friend of a friend who I've met a few times works at NW OB/GYN. They deliver to Sacred Heart and do their ultrasounds there at the office instead of sending me to some other place across town like my current doctor. A couple friends had recommended them as well. Thankfully she was able to make sure that I was accepted with a referral from my current doctor and to fax over all my labs and she'll get them to make me an appointment. So in 2 weeks max they should call to schedule me an appointment. I had one on the 29th but since I'm transferring it may be a little later.

I keep thinking how unreal my life is sometimes. I'm very lucky to have Jake by my side through all this. I give my sister props for doing it all by herself, but I wouldn't trade for the world. Its nice to have someone understand how nauseous I feel and let me sleep in a little bit, or make me breakfast, or not make me feel bad if I'm too sick to into work, or get mad because I space unloading the dishwasher because I forget after my bubble bath, or throw a fit because I don't want Subway or whatever else when he does because it makes me want to throw up.  He lets me get weird snacks when I need them without giving me grief and I'm sure he'll even run out to get me ice cream and pickles when I start having really weird cravings. I'm sure he'll give me grief for that because it'll make HIM want to vomit but he'll do it. Gotta love having a good man, though he needs a bit of uptraining in the romance department. Took my dad years to figure it out but I'm sure he could provide some insight, riiiiight daddy? :P

We also went to Red Lobster the other night and OMG was I SOOO ecstatic to find out that crab is safe to eat if its fully cooked. So I definitely enjoyed every bite of the crab legs I got. I'm so glad Nathan loves crab legs too. So now its 2 against 1. Ethan will eat it too, so technically if he had a vote that counted it would be 3 against Jake. Pregnant lady and two demanding kids, we'll always win :)

That is all, I'm exhausted.

Thursday, September 9, 2010


Also I found the bedding that I want. I've been putting off buying it, but now I think is the time. I'm totally a Montana girl, can't you tell? :)


So far I've had TWO days of no morning sickness. Today being one of them. I wonder if its all the rest? Today is my third day off this week, its been SO wonderful to be able to relax a little bit compared to last week where I worked over 40 hours and was dead on my feet. Though this week I've been pretty emotional and off in my own little land.

I can no longer forget a prenatal vitamin in the morning because then I take it at night which leads to WHACK dreams. They're crazy to begin with but with that vitamin at night I'm in a dream hell. I've already had two about affairs, which makes me soooo emotional and heartbroken in my dream that I wake up so mad, upset and disoriented until I realize it was all in my dream. Some have also been pretty gory and vivid. Where are all the cute dreams about my baby and what not? Why do I have to be killing mountain lions the size of sharks with shovels? Its COOKY! I just want a few nights of great sleep with no insane dreams. I have how many months ahead of me where I'll be too uncomfortable to sleep?!? I need to get what I can while I still have the chance!

I have a friend who is doing an apprenticeship with this AMAZING salon and needed a model for a shampoo/style. Of course I'm so frustrated with my hair that I offered. My hair is curly, wavy and straight all in different areas. I also have enough hair for 10 people, it is ungodly thick. Until you get your hands in it you'd never guess. So when I blow dry it, its frizzy so it must be flat ironed, which then takes another 45 minutes. So I end up spending about an hour and 15 minutes to do my hair, all so that it lasts 3 MAYBE 4 days if I'm lucky and if my dry shampoo is deciding to be my friend that week. With all the morning sickness and being tired along with having the boys 3 days out of the week and Ethan another 2 I don't have time nor do I feel like it. So the hair goes up in a pony tail and I look frumpy and gross and don't feel attractive whatsoever. Of course I also have a boyfriend who has no idea about what girls want to hear nor does he speak it if he does. So I have another 7 months to feel frumpy and unattractive without being told otherwise. So once I had the opportunity to go get pampered for a couple hours, I jumped. It was sooo amazing to get my hair shampooed and massaged, then get a scalp massage, and then someone spend an hour and a half playing with my hair and making me feel gorgeous. I walked out feeling completely like a new woman. I feel refreshed and ready to battle the next couple weeks.

Which in those next couple weeks I have a big surprise planned. I've been getting myself psyched for it, and changing up ideas. I'm still not quite set on what the final plan is, but I'll definitely share when I do know and it happens. Any ideas as to what it is??? :D

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Sunday evening after dinner we told the boys. We thought maybe Nathan had picked up on it but from the look on his face he had no idea.

I pulled out the Ultrasound pictures and asked him if he knew what it was and he said yes. He was able to point out everything, he has a good eye. Jake asked him if he wanted another brother or sister and he said yes. Jake told him he was going to get one and I couldn't tell if it was shock, surprise or excitement. I think it was all three in one expression, I couldn't even tell. I asked him what he wanted and he said a sister since he already has a little brother. Here's to hoping!

Ethan of course doesn't really get it. Maybe once I have a noticeable belly he'll understand that there's a baby in there.

Aunt Jess brought over a bunch of itty bitty baby girl clothes for me. Everyone's hoping for a girl. Hopefully Jake's swimmer doesn't let anyone down! Maybe all those little girl clothes will bring girl energies to the house :P

As of yesterday at the BBQ at Jake's parents everyone knows now. Thanks Mom for announcing a 5th little one on the way, I gotta answer all the questions by myself since Jake of course was off running around and I was hogging the little nephew all night. I hate getting put on the spot, I never know what to say but I think I did alright.

I can't wait to hold our little one, seems like so far away but it seems like just a couple weeks ago we found out. I'm 9 weeks tomorrow and the baby will be the size of a green olive. A month ago it was the size of a poppy seed. So crazy how it gets so much bigger every week. Already its been 5 weeks, so before I know it I'll be breaking Jake's hand in the delivery room. I guess it makes sense with all the nausea and exhaustion. I can barely get through a day without a nap. I feel like I'm dying by 1pm. Thankfully work has been very understanding and only has me working 30 hours so I'm not overdoing it. Hopefully my morning sickness will be gone by 12 or 13 weeks so only 3-4 weeks. THANK GOODNESS!

Now I'm off to rest.

Also for anyone who wants to leave comments I made it so that you don't have to have an account. You just have to click the "comments" link at the bottom of the post, then select anonymous and type your comment. It helps if you put your name in the comment so I know who its from since it says anonymous. If you still can't figure it out just email me and I'll try to explain better.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Shimmy shimmy.

I definitely woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning. Nothing was happening the way I wanted it to and I was so nervous for the appointment. To make matters worse I was told my appointment was at 1pm. I had to drink 32oz of water beforehand so by 12:30 I was miserable. I was praying that I wouldn't have to sneeze at all today. I told Jake not to judge me if I peed my pants. He had no response so I'm sure someday when I do he won't let me live it down. 

Anyway, we were out running errands and done by 12:20 so I thought maybe if we got there early they would get me in a little earlier since we both had to work afterwards. I checked in and she told me that I was 30 minutes early. They would get me in early if they could or I could end up waiting the 30 minutes. At that point it was whatever. By 1:20 I told the lady that I had been waiting 20 minutes. She wasn't very nice stating that I had checked in so early and my appointment wasn't until 1:15. And since I checked in early they took someone from the ER back and wouldn't be done for a bit. UHM HELLO!? Is it not better to check in early than to be late? Since when is being early and waiting till your appointment time PLUS another 20 minutes such a bad thing?! So at this point I was cranky, I was tired, I was stressed and anxious and I had to pee like I've never had to pee before so I said "well excuse me for being early, I was told my appointment was at 1 and I was here early. I was not told by my doctor or your receptionist upstairs that it was at 1:15 or I'd have changed it because we both have to work and I don't think holding 32 oz of water in my little bladder is how I'd choose to spend my day." At that point she called back and they said I could go relieve a little pressure and that they'd be with me shortly. I was more than happy to do that and wait another 5 minutes so off I went doing the potty dance the entire way.

5 minutes later I'm being called back. Kyla is how they said it both times that day which irritates the hell out of me. Is it really that hard to pronounce it like you read it? They get me on the bed, ask a few questions, the tech comes in...can't get a close up of the baby. I asked if she saw it and if it was OK. She said she saw it but couldn't see anything more. So I start getting in my panic thinking that everything I had dreaded was coming true. She decides to do the ultrasound the other way not involving my belly. I'll spare you the details and you can thank me later. She lets me go relieve myself, gown up and then go to the bathroom again. Held alllllll the water alllll that time to be told as soon as I got in there than I now needed an empty bladder. *Le Sigh*

Back to the bed and I have to use a step stool to get up on the extra pad and thankfully got a sheet to cover myself. I'd hate for Jake to pass out right before we see our jellybean. She shows us the baby which she calls our "adorable little gummy bear". It really does look like a gummy bear. A wiggly one. It was doing a little shimmy. I felt such relief seeing its little arms and legs moving. It already looked like such a little tiny baby that I got all choked up. Then I saw its little white heart just pumping away and that was it. It was real and I was about to break down and cry. 

She looked around and took her measurements. She showed me my right ovary which had the cyst on it that pops after you ovulate. She said it sticks around when you're pregnant to provide the hormones that the baby needs to start developing. I found that interesting because my right side was the one giving me all the terrible pain which they said was scar tissue and the whole spiel about not being able to have babies. That side with all that problem is the one that made our little human. 

I asked if we could hear a heartbeat there or if just shows us the baby so she went back and flipped it on. The swishing was so strong and I could see the measurements on the screen. That's when I teared up and had to bite my lip and close my eyes before I started sobbing. She measured it and said it was 174. From what I've heard the average is 160's and that girls are usually higher. Fingers crossed that its a little girl...from the shimmy I saw on screen I sure hope it is.

She printed me off 3 pictures though only 1 is decent. I could care less about the AMNION. I just want pics of my adorable little creation.

Its all just so surreal for me. I always imagined being a mom, its all I've ever wanted but had accepted that it would never happen. Then I see this little wiggle-worm

little wiggle-worm <333