Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Kids Winter Preparedness

Do your kids have emergency bags? A bag to grab from under their bed if there was a fire, earthquake, wild fire? Walmart has backpacks on clearance for $2.00! I grabbed one for each kid. It’s easy to roll up a change of clothes or two, a water bottle, some snacks, small first aid kid, water purifier would be awesome but as long as a parent has one you should be good. You can include a comfort item or a book/coloring book. With it being winter time you could keep this in your car as well. You could add to it with a beanie and gloves or hand warmers, maybe some heavy socks. You could have a fleece or wool blanket or Mylar blanket or bivy.

Driving today it was slushing pretty hard. It would be easy to slide off into a ditch. If roads are hazardous and there are multiple slide outs you could be stranded there in your car for a few hours. You could be driving to Seattle or home and get stuck in a pass due to road conditions or avalanches. Lots of scenarios to be had.

Please take an hour and throw together a kit. Someday you may be so glad you did. 😊

Here is a great bivy! When I purchased mine it was $9.72ish with Amazon Subscribe and Save. I can order one or two a month with my monthly order and save 15%! Super cheap way to get prepared.


Sunday, July 7, 2013

A mothers worst nightmare.

We spent a wonderful weekend at 2 different lakes with a couple of Jake's friends and their wife and kid(s). Our rule is anywhere near the water and the kids have life jackets on even if we are right there by them. No matter how deep or shallow they always have jackets on.

Well on Saturday Emery had a little incident. He was playing with a tube that you pull behind a boat, I'm not sure quite what happened as I was looking at another kiddo. I hear Jake's friend's wife yell to her husband "Dylan grab Emery!" She had been standing on the dock watching everyone and saw him go down.

It was a split second that it seemed to happen. It amazes me how quick a brain processes things. I glanced over to see Emery flopping in the water. It was maybe a foot of water. He has a little lifejacket with the "pillow" on the back.

He somehow fell backwards and got scared, as he tried to turn over to get up he got flipped to his back again and went under. He tried to get back up and just kept flopping and spinning in the water. He was surfacing and gasping for air.

I was farther away than Dylan even with him in the water. Maybe because he didn't know right where Emery was as he had been watching his son or it didn't process quick enough WHY he was to grab Emery. I knew precisely where Emery was because I had JUST been watching him. Jake was up the hill sitting with Abby so he couldn't get to him.

As soon as I heard Sarah tell her husband to get him and I saw what was going on I somehow flew to my feet and ran the 10-15 feet to him. In my dreams it always seems as if I'm running through water, that feeling of moving so slow because water is holding you back. It didn't hold me back then, I'm still surprised how quick I made it through the water to him even with flip flops on. I remember thinking in my head where to grab him best but I don't even recall where I grabbed ahold once I got to him. I just know I grabbed him by his jacket and pulled him up into my arms. It seemed as if he flipped and flopped about 6 times before me as I was running to him. Time went by so slow to watch it and yet so fast as I was running and yanking him out and up to me. I will never forget the look of terror in his beautiful wide blue eyes. He was sputtering and crying as I told him it was ok, mama had him and wiping his face off.

Scared the beejeezus our of me. It took all of maybe 30 seconds to happen. I tried to explain that if he falls in the water to lay on his back and the pillow and jacket will keep him floating. It was a little bit of a reality check for me.

I already am the person who comes up with scenarios and works through what I would do. Sometimes I just have to shake my head and tell myself to knock it off. Jake gets so annoyed with me and is always saying that will never happen. It's not always so left field though and some things very well could happen but apparently he thinks he is invincible. It dawned on me a couple weeks ago that it must be from Grey's Anatomy. Things that are 1 in millions happen on that show. I was that way growing up even and would have anxiety but between Grey's Anatomy and becoming a parent it has gotten much worse.

I've decided that we're going to sit down and practice. Even at 10 and 5 the boys could use a lesson along with Emery. We're going to discuss water and fire safety and what else I can think of that is good for refreshing and teaching the ones who don't know yet.

I think everyone was on their toes the rest of the day. Things can happen so quickly and I learned that day that kids can still drown in a life jacket if they don't know how to properly let it help them.

Thankfully it didn't phase him. I was afraid he would be scared of the water and not want to go back in. After just a minute or two on shore he was back in the water playing. Must be a little fish like his mama used to be.

Monday, July 1, 2013

Full Steam Ahead.

Whew life is busy with 2 kids and then 4 kids part of the week.

Between kids, work, errands, activities it has been so busy and I feel like I don't have enough hours in a day. I am almost positive that most parents feel that way.

We have such a busy summer planned. We don't have gold passes to Silverwood this year as it wasn't going to be fun with a brand new baby. Just not a good idea to have her out in that heat and the fact that one parent would always have to be switching with the other to go on rides. She would get too cold at Boulder Beach and the parent having to sit out would be scorching! They don't have umbrellas, she wouldn't want to be in the stroller the whole time and being under 6 months she can't have sunscreen so that would definitely not work to have her out in full sun all day. It would be crazy trying to wrangle Emery around while pushing Abby around while the other parent and the bigger kids are on a ride. Not my cup of tea. Just typing that raised my heartrate and made me break a sweat, ha ha ha.

The boys will be at their other home from 8am-8pm on the 4th of July. Daddy works overtime so I will be picking them up and then we may go to daddy's work to watch a few with him and his coworkers. Nothing super exciting.

The next day Jake's friend, wife and kids will be up camping so we are going to go up there for the day and relax.

July 21-24th we are going to MT to see my mom and sister. I hope my dad can make it to meet his grandkids for the first time. I mean Emery is 2 and all, it's getting a little ridiculous. I understand he may actually be working this time and probably won't...just wish he would make more of an effort sometime.

We have the boys for almost about 12 days that middle of July week and it will be so fun and so hectic!

September 14-17 we are going to the Ocean and camping. We will be without Nathan and Ethan but it will be nice to have a more relaxed camping trip and not cost a fortune. Mommy and daddy deserve a few days to relax in nature without all 4 crazies.

I'm sure the thought of camping with an infant is incredulous. However we are going to rock this. Since about 6 weeks she has been a great sleeper. Lately she hasn't even been waking up in the middle of the night to eat so we're talking a good 10-12 hours of sleep for the girl. Man, our babies rock!!! I will have her layered up in clothes and then stick her in a fleece sleep sack. If the pack and play bassinet doesn't work for her then she will just end up on the air mattress with Jake and I. She's a great sleeper when she sleeps with us so I am not worried at all. Emery was a piece of cake last year and he was just barely a year old so I think it will be fun.

I will be trying to find a carrier other than the Moby so we can easily pack and up and go somewhere without me dragging the Moby on the ground as I try to get all wrapped up. We may have to take it for daddy though.

We went to REI to try on the Ergo Performance baby carrier and it worked ok. However my 2nd reason for wanting it was that Emery could be carried as well, especially on daddy's back. This was not gonna work for us. The chest strap slid up and was strangling Jake on the Adam's apple. We had it all adjusted properly and still didn't work for him. So I am not sure what we will do there. Hopefully we can figure it out before September.

I am just so excited for our plans this summer. I can't wait to create more memories with the kids and be out in nature. I hope to instill my love of camping...the real deal with tents...into our kids. The 2 oldest are getting to the age where I can start teaching. They should know some survival things, how to start a fire etc. It will be exciting to get to teach them about nature.

Hopefully I will have as much of a blast as I am envisioning and that I will have time to write about it!

Thursday, June 6, 2013

A Dinner Hit

Ya know how in most homes you have a husband who will eat anything and kids who are picky and live off pb&j, chicken nuggets and mac and cheese?

Well our house is the opposite. I have 3 mini hoovers and the grown man who is the picky one. Nothing is ever flavorful enough for him. When I'm not looking and even when I am he dumps on the garlic salt, the pepper, the creole seasoning. Ree-dicu-lous! I try my hardest to not get hurt feelings that he doesn't listen to Kenny Chesney enough to ask for more. Cue the song: ""Eatin' burnt suppers the whole first year, An' askin' for seconds to keep her from tearin' up.
Yeah, man, that's the good stuff.""

Anyway moving on.

I've pinned tons of dinners and it seems like they're hit and miss at times. We have had quite a few hits. I really need to blog them so I don't forget.

Tonight I made

The boys asked to have them again tomorrow and that was shot down so they asked for them next Wednesday when I pick them up.

These were pretty simple. I made a few tweaks...
You can substitute some of the mayo or miracle whip for Greek yogurt. Maybe all of it but I liked the flavor from the MW despite it not being healthy whatsoever.
I used Kings Sweet Hawaiian rolls as I couldn't find any other dinner rolls at the store.
I used sliced ham (think thicker chunks, like breakfast slabs?) and just cut it thinner as we don't eat a lot of ham and I wasn't buying a ton.
Mozzarella instead of Swiss since we had it on hand.
Chia seeds rather than poppy seeds as they are super healthy for you. I got ours from Trader Joes.

The sauce was so good. I wish the rolls had gotten a little more crisp on top as I prefer that but either way they were yummmy! 

Jake wasn't home to try these but I'll have to update when he gets a chance to try them. I also made only 9 so I could use our 9x9 pan and only 1/4 cup of the mayo/MW/Greek yogurt and even then that was quite a bit left over.

Play around with it. Let me know if you try it, what you do differently if anything and how everyone likes it.